Jin Sukizawa Blades - Handcrafted

Hello TTD!

I haven't been doing this for too long, so I'm still trying to improve my skills. I've got quite a collection of my own handmade blades now, so I thought I'd start sharing some of my older creations here. These 2 were created back in December 2019/ January 2020. For any suggestions (or requests), feel free to comment or PM!

This was made for a friend, a very stiff and fast blade with a slight difference in the forehand and backhand sides.
Composition: Sen (Japanese ash) - Kevlar Carbon - Balsa - Pure Carbon - Sen
89 grams
6.6 mm thick

Here's one with a 3 W - 2 fiber composition using a special fiber called Innegra, which at the time, had probably never been used in a table tennis blade before. It does have a unique feel to it, being surprisingly lightweight but still quite fast.
Composition: Mahogany - Innegra Carbon - Balsa - Innegra Carbon - Mahogany
84 grams
6.8 mm

Here's a newer one, the first defensive blade (although it could probably be considered closer to allround). Interesting cherry outers, providing some hardness to the blade while there's still tons of flex due to being just 5.4 mm thick.

88 grams
5.4 mm
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Handles are quite a thing

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Thanks. I'm always experimenting with different handle designs and kinds of woods, and it's hard to perfect the handles. Especially since the way I make some of them are a bit different from how most people do.
Here's one of my newer ones. It's a very special blade, has the potential to be prized in many unique aspects. Its overall build is a classic outer fiber (5 wood, 2 fiber) composition, but with some special variations.

1- Its composition has an element similar to Xiom's famous Ice Cream series (different fiber material on forehand vs backhand sides), though the types of fiber used are a bit different. In this blade, one side is a stiffer Kevlar-Carbon fiber, and the other is a softer Innegra-Carbon fiber.

2- The surface is a soft wood - spruce, giving it a strong "hold" effect similar to Hinoki upon ball contact, which was very noticeable (and comfortable) when I tested it. For many, it's a dream to have a powerful blade with maximum dwell time, an effect this blade can get close to producing.

3- The handle uses a highly prized Bocote wood, one of the most beautiful woods I've seen and it proves to be amazing to use for blade handles.

5W 1IC 1KC
Spruce-Kevlar Carbon-Sen-Balsa-Sen-Innegra Carbon-Spruce

Speed: OFF
93 grams
5.9 mm

This one was a recent special request. A relatively flexible 7-ply wood blade with one of my favorite surface layers - the unique Japanese Ash - which I don't think I've actually seen on any other table tennis blades before.

Sen - Sen - Spruce - Balsa - Spruce - Sen - Sen

Speed: OFF-
88 grams
6.5 mm

104245864_305201027171202_3219792382788026748_n (1).jpg
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An "Innerforce-style" blade, with mahogany outer layers and inner carbon (It was made a while ago, back 4-5 months ago). Its performance is very much expected for a fast inner carbon blade. Mahogany seems to have an effect in between limba and koto, and always provides a very nice sound to the blade whether it's used as a medial layer or surface.

5W 2C
Mahogany - Mahogany - Carbon - Balsa (Relatively high density) - Carbon - Mahogany - Mahogany

Speed: OFF
Weight: 87g
Thickness: 5.9mm

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An outer carbon blade with almost magical glowing flakes on the white oak surface. It is called "Flaky white ash", and the photos do not do justice to how the flakes really shine when exposed to light. Playing-wise, it's similar to a Timo Boll ALC. I have found that Mahogany is one of the most amazing woods for blades no matter where it is placed, and I'm surprised it is not used more often by manufacturers.

5W 2IC
White Oak (Glowing/flaky) - Innegra Carbon - Mahogany - Kiri-density-balsa - Mahogany - Innegra Carbon - White Oak

Speed: OFF
Weight: 89g
Thickness: 5.8mm

*The handle is not actually blue, but rather tiger-coloured.

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