Joo Se Hyuk Interview - Professional Player (World Rank 5)

says TTD Team vs Pongfinity OUT NOW on our YT Channel
says TTD Team vs Pongfinity OUT NOW on our YT Channel
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Oct 2010
TableTennisDaily exclusive interview with Table Tennis professional Joo Se Hyuk!

Thanks for taking part in our TableTennisDaily interview Joo.

Enjoy the questions!

Full Name: Joo Se Hyuk
Age: 33
Date Of Birth: 1980, 01, 20
Height: 180
Club represented: Samsung Life and Ningbo (Chinese Super League 2012 season)
Highest World Ranking: 5


Equipment – Peter wants to know what do you use?

Blade: Joo SaeHyuk
FH Rubber: 64 Tenergy 64
BH Rubber: tsp curl p-1

Your career

How long have you been playing table tennis for, when did you start?

I have been playing table tennis for 26 years, I started when I was 9 years old.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

My parents.

You’re a very successful international star now, what do you feel was your biggest achievement to date?

When I achieved a silver medal at Olympic games, I was praised by many others.


Joo Se Hyuk (left) receiving his silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics! Photo by: Feng Li/Getty Images Europe

Ok, maybe you don't like looking back to this but what was your biggest low in your career?

I was completely vanquished by Wang Liqin at the World championships in 2008. I was devastated as it was the final game in my group.

YosuaYosan asks, What are your targets for 2013?

I want to show the world a great match at the World Championships in Paris, however I am not to sure whether I can go there.

Svttc ask, What made you want to become a chopper instead of the usual offensive attacker?

My Coach at primary school recommended me that I am good at being an offensive attacker. I mixed this with my chopping.

TTPoster asks, Did you believe you could reach the final of the WTTC 2003? How did this event change your life?

I never expected it at all it was a real achievement for me in my career. This event changed my life and I developed further skills and I also received a lot of praise and was recognised by many others around the world.

Editing Sports asks, How long time (till what age) did you play offensive style before changing to defensive style?

When I first started I was offensive for 1 year, and then I started to defend.

YosuaYosan asks, What is your major goal in your lifetime career in the sport of table tennis?

My major goal would be to become a Gold medal coach and to ramin as a respectful player around the world.


TerIphik - Hi, I would like to know if the material (rubbers and blades) of professional players is the same to the same material as we (nonprofessional) buy in table tennis shops?

I receive Joo Sae Hyuk blades thats are non-professional but they make special order for professional players. My forehand rubber is a special order and my backhand rubber is received from my team.

Do you use booster to enhance your rubber?

Honestly I do not boost, I only used it for one year during 2009-2010

sebas-aguirre asks, What do you think of players boosting/tuning their rubbers?

I only agree within the limit that they are able to control use.

Wang asks, do you think boosted players have an advantage over defensive players?

It is an advantage to boost as during 2009-2010 I really felt more backspin on my chops as the rubber was softer.

jedimasterplk asks: Why do pro's like Tenergy so much - what differentiates it from other rubbers

I'm not 100% sure, but players seem to find it very good for the power and control.

Pingpongpom asks, The plastic ball will have a number of effects on the defensive game. Have you had a chance to chop with a plastic ball yet? What implications do you think the introduction of the new ball will have on your game and the games of other world class defensive players and do you think it will improve or reduce your performance level on the World Tour and in major events?

I have tried the plastic ball and there is overall reduced spin and therefore it is a disadvantage for the defensive player. I may need to change rubber or blade to adapt to the ball.

Spinandspeed asks, At the Hungarian Open 2012 you beat Zhang Jike 4:0. After the Match you Said you've switched to other pips. To which Ones you switch to?

At the time my rubbers were Glass D Tecs, but I changed to Curl P-1 from TSP just before I played with Jang Ji Kur.

YosuaYosan asks, -Has the speed glue ban affected your game? Could you specify?

At the beginning players suffered due to the reduce speed and controlling the ball, but now it is ok as we are use to it.

YosuaYosan asks, -We generally see Korea's National Team member using non-Chinese rubber.. Why don't the Korean National team use Chinese rubber?

This is because we cannot get the Chinese National Team Rubbers.

chuklebolt asks, Do you think you could have achieved more if you decided to go with 2 inverted rubbers and play offensively or an all round game instead of being a defensive chopper?

I don't think I would have been able to achieve what I have done offensively. It might of been a bad idea :)

Table Tennis in general

ttmonster asks, What do you believe should be done to encourage more choppers in the game ? Do you play to work on making defensive game more popular after you have retired from the sport?

I would really like to emphasise that stamina and being dynamic is essential in making the chopping game more popular. You need to be creative. Sorry, I haven't thought about retirement just yet.

Steven asks, What do you think of Yuto Muramatsu and Kang Dong Soo? Can they become the next best defensive players and reach the top 10 of the world like you?

They might be to defensive, however both player have lots of ability and potential and I look forward to their future achievements.

derekho asks, How do you change the spins when you chop but still make the actions look the same? When forehand chopping, how to chop a heavy backspin ball and no-spin ball with the same actions? How to change what you're doing to the spin when you're chopping on the backhand side, (long pimples)?

I tend to apply the same amount of spin on the backhand side, but i change spin on my forehand depending on the situation. Changing spin requires work on the hands, arms and understanding the spin on the ball.

PaulJ5 asks, what do you think will the future of chopping in table tennis? We see less and less choppers at the top..

Yes you are right. It is long a journey and I had to learn a lot and it was hard work however many players tend to dislike and quit and begin playing offensive.

China - Table Tennis

GECA asks: What's your view on the Chinese dominance at the moment, Why are the Chinese players so good do you believe?

China have managed to perfectly develop not only domestic table tennis but also international game. Lots of research conducted by coaches, associations and forecast for future developments in table tennis.

Tom asks, How was your experience playing in the China Super League, is this the most exciting event to take part in??

Yes, it is very exciting for me it was such an experience. Not only strong opposition but so many hidden strong candidates which made it very interesting.

You were on the same team as Ma Long representing team Ningbo. What was it like playing with the world no.1 table tennis player? We saw the two of you had a very close relationship.

Yes, I do have a close relationship with the Chinese players, unlike in European players we have a very similar culture background.


Ma Long and Joo Se Hyuk representing Ningbo in the Chinese Super League

Do you have anything interesting to tell us about Ma Long? What was he like in the training hall?

He is a very talkactive person and always creates funny things. Is a funny man.


Pingpingpongpong asks, how do you communicate with Ma Long? English or Chinese?

We spoke half Chinese and half English together. Ma Long speaks a little English.


FuryToMax asks, What kind of exercises do you do for your footwork and for chopping with either side?

I practice a lot of movement backwards and forewords footwork on the BH and FH side (defensive and attack) I also practice a lot of irregular/unpredicted practice.

Bollforte94 asks: How do you train your footwork? You are extremely fast on your feet! What do you do off the table? Jog, jump, sprint?

Yes, lots of intensive jogging and weight training.

What do you practice the most? What aspect is most important in the game table tennis?

Lots of basic practice this is important, and chopping and forehand topspin..

xxdreppexx asks, how much do you now practice a week?

I practice two hours per day, but rest on Sunday.

Do you serve practice often?

I don’t serve practice much, but before a big match I practice half an hour each day.

Leankints asks: Do you train on the mental aspects of the game. Do you find this side of the game is just as important as the technical parts?

I had an experience of training on the mental aspects and I think this is important even though I don't do it that much.

Legislate – If you don’t have much coaching, do you motivate yourself. Can you still be a good player without a coach?

I don’t practice much and I do not receive a lot of coaching, it is just there to give me mental support.


Der_Echte asks, You have brought a lot of excitement to the sport of Table Tennis. When you play vs a top player, the crowd is on its feet nearly every point going wild cheering. What do you feel the sport could use to bring this kind of excitement to more matches across the ITTF?

Yes you right! I think the crowd need to cheer more with wild cheering, this will help the atmosphere. Also, more top ranked players need to enter the tournaments.

Super Chopper asks, If you don't mind Joo, which attacking players do you find playing difficult against in the top 30 in the world?

Ryu Seung Min, Wang Hao, and Vladimir Samsonov are very difficult to play.

Joelstar asks: What warm ups do you do before a game to get you ready to compete?

Starching and a light practice.

Gauravvrak – Wants your mind strategy when you are 2-0 down. What do you think to have the belief to get back into the match?

I try to become more relaxed and I try to be more creative to change the game player. Hopefully this will give me an opportunity to get a set.


Joo Se Hyuk - AP Photo/Peter Dejong

YosuaYosan asks, What do you do to prevent choking?

Usually, after one set I am fine however I can get slightly nervous towards the ending of the game.

Do you watch yourself on youtube?

Yes I have seen some great tributes and clips. I really enjoy those on youtube. i really like the 1 ball point videos to.

Do you watch your opponents on youtube to find out how they play and tactics you can use?

No, because they are all edited versions.

Editing Sports asks, What's your best match ever?

All of the games I played in at the World Championships in 2003.

Off the topic questions

Who’s the most famous person you know through table tennis?

We all know each other

Who’s your favorite sportsman of all time?

Song Jin Woo from Han Wa (Professional baseball player)

Favorite film?

I like all.

What car do you drive?

I have BMW 528 and HD NF Sonata.

What’s your favorite music?

Rock ballade, Queen and K-POP

What do you do in your spare time other then table tennis?

I play with my kids and go out for a drink with mates.

Do you eat well or eat junk good?

I do like a Korean food and also fast foods some time.

PS3 or XBOX 360?

I PS3 a lot, football and baseball games

Have you browsed the website before? :)

Ha ha ha.............Sorry I haven't, but maybe in the future ill check it out :).

Your team mates

Who’s the funniest player in the training hall?

Ryu Seung Min, he does lots of jokes, he jokes around a lot, he is funny.

What is your motto in training?

Train like you're in a match

Who trains the hardest in the training hall?

Jung Young sik.

Who has the best nickname?

We call Scotty to Oh Sang Eun because looks like NBA player, Scotty Pippen :)


Scotty Pippen (Left) - Oh Sang Eun (Right)​

And Lastly

And lastly, thanks very much for your kindness in taking part in this interview for all the members of the TableTennisDaily forum to learn and know more about the life of a professional player.

Would you like to add one last tip, or an inspirational message to us passionate members of TableTennisDaily?

Thanks for loving my table tennis play, I feel obliged to always play your very best in every match all the time, we need your support and love. Thanks again guys!


Happy Table Tennis

Joo See Hyuk

Good luck in your next competition

Thanks for your time Joo!

TTD want to thank Juyoung Joun for helping contact and retrieve this interview from Joo
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Oct 2010
Joo Se Hyuk interview

Nice interview Dan, I umpired Joo, Ryu and Oh Sang Eun at the World Team Championships last year against Chinese Tapei (Chih Yuan Chuan's team). The match went right to the wire and was spectacular throughout, it went on for a long time, we all got off the court at 1110pm and all of us rushed to the dining hall (which closed at 1130pm) to get some dinner, they kindly invited me and the other umpire to sit with them as we were the only ones in the dining hall. Joo is right when he said Ryu is a funny guy because I asked him who's fault it was that the match went on so long and he jokingly pointed at Joo and they all laughed. All amazing players to watch and umpire plus really nice guys off the table. I used to play same style as Joo (I was influenced by watching him play and liked his style) when I last played in the Hyndburn league as I was a lot fitter and thinner then. The good old days ha ha. I was at the WTTC in Paris 2003 as a spectator and watched some of Joo's matches including the final. He certainly came out of nowhere because at the time he was ranked 50 or 52 in the world - He soon moved up many places after that event. Let's hope there is another player who can follow in his footsteps regarding style :)
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Dec 2010

you have my highest respect! Really, that's so awesome.

That is the best interview. Joo seems to be a nice and funny guy. He likes his own tributes on Youtube:D I will edit a video for him and he will see it. :):D
But what does he mean with: i really like the 1 ball point videos to. ?

Ma Long has really changed in character. He was shy but now he is talkactive.


says We did it!! 13 hours, 36 minutes and 36 seconds!


says We did it!! 13 hours, 36 minutes and 36 seconds!
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Aug 2010
Read 76 reviews

you have my highest respect! Really, that's so awesome!
But what does he mean with: i really like the 1 ball point videos to.?

Thanks Tim! Much appreciated! :) I think he means the 1 shot stuff. So like an edit of a super shot that was played in a match :) Like Robinot's back shot

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Mar 2013
Hi Dan.
This is really good stuff mate. It's funny how by reading tru the interview it gives you this feeling of being close to Joo like he's just sitting in front of you, cool stuff.
A quick note: After something like this - something of such high standard - I wan to believe that can only get better so I say: - Maybe Zhang Jike or Ma Long next
Keep up with the great work.