Name: Joo Se Hyuk

Nationality: Korea

Date Of Birth: January 20, 1980

Height 1.80 m (5 ft 11)
Weight 68 kg (150 lb, 10.7 st)


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Current World Ranking:
15 (Since July 2012)
July 2012 World Rankings found here.

Career Update: Joo Se Hyuk beat Zhang Jike 4-0 in the semifinal of Hungarian Open 2012 whilst suffering a close defeat to the World no.1 Ma Long in the final by four games to three.

Playing Style: Joo Se Hyuk is a right handed modern defender with a dynamic playing style! His exceptional defense and counterattacks makes him feared amongst the top players in the world. Joo Se Hyuk is amongst the best defensive players ever lived and has consistently dwell amongst the world’s top 10 for years. Joo Se Hyuk is the last defensive player to reach a WTTC Singles final in 2003. Joo Se Hyuk’s latest equipment change and spin manipulation in the latest ITTF Hungarian Open Pro Tour has shaken the World no.1 Ma Long by almost defeating him in a very close margin.

Greatest Results

Click HERE to watch Joo Se Hyuk defeat Zhang Jike 4-0!

2012 China Super League Champion with team Ningbo
2011 World Cup: Men's Singles Bronze Medallist
2010 World Team Cup: Runner-up
2010 Korea Open Runner-up in Singles
2006 Korea Open Winner in Singles
2004 Summer Olympics: Round of 16 in Singles and Doubles
2003 World Championships: Men’s Singles Runner-up
2002 Asian Games: Men’s Team Runner-up
2001 Japan Open Runner-up in Singles
1998 USA Open Runner-up in Doubles

Equipment and sponsor: Joo Se Hyuk uses a Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk blade with custom Butterfly Diode handle. After the Hungarian Open 2012, Joo Se Hyuk’s forehand and backhand rubber is still much discussed throughout table tennis communities around the world.

Club Represents

Joo Se Hyuk is currently representing Ningbo, one of China's major Table Tennis Teams in the Super League.

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