Joola energy X soft

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Jan 2012
Hi, as i said in other topic i bought this week my new rubbers, one of them as Nittaku narucross ( you can see the review in the nittaku post) and the other as a joola energy X soft.

I came from a sriver Fx glued on my back hand, but i was looking for something that gave me the feel i really wanted.

So as narucroos this one was in cheap in a spanish store so i gave it a try...and bammmm, right choice.

It has the sound of glue, really loud, the softness gives me control in everything, drive, block, smash, loops, and has very nice speed.

the spin is ok, since i dont serve with backhand, pushes are easier than with narucross.

Sometimes people say that soft rubbers aren´t good for smash, or short game...yes they are( at least this ones), awesome.

what i can say is with this rubber, you can do everything you want pretty easily with great speed to finish the points.

dont bother buying hard rubber, is a great rubber for FH and BH, i think the only difference when you choose a harder rubber and spinnier for you FH is because of the spin, so thats why i choosed Narucroos for FH( despite of being soft has nice spin, mecanicall though) and this one less spinny for BH.

now i'll see how long they mantain their freshness.