Joola Rhyzen ZGR and CMD Rubbers

Joola Rhyzen ZGR and CMD Rubbers Review

Joola Rhyzen ZGR

Weight: 75 grams
Speed: Off+
Spin: Very High
Topsheet: Semi-tacky

Joola Rhyzen CMD

Weight: 67 grams
Speed: Off+ (personal rating) Joola Rating All+ to OFF-
Spin: Very High
Topsheet: Semi-tacky

These 2 rubbers are 2 of the 4 newest rubbers from Joola released on the 3rd quarter of this year. The Rhyzen rubbers both the ZGR, which is the harder version and CMD, the softer version. At first look, both rubbers have a distinct look on the topsheets and sponges. The grains of the Rhyzen ZGR on its topsheet is almost identical to that of the Dynaryz rubbers only. The topsheet grain of the Rhyzen CMD is obviously different with a much finer surface. The topsheet construction also is different from both rubbers. The Rhyzen ZGR has 0.8 mm pimple height with pimple with of 1.5mm and the distance between pips is 0.9mm while the Rhyzen CMD has 1.0mm pimple height, pimple width of 1.4mm and a spacing of 1.2mm. The sponge of the CMD version has a lighter purple color with much smaller pores. The ZGR version has a much porous sponge and the purple is somewhat darker. Out of the box, the Rhyzen CMD was curling much more. I am yet to confirm if the black CMD rubebr also has this kind of curling out of the box. The Rhyzen ZGR however has a slight or little curving. For the hardness, the Rhyzen ZGR has a hard sponge. If taking into account the topsheet, the ZGR has an approximate hardness of 54 to 55 degrees? I have a 55-degree rubber from other brands and they feel much harder when pressing your fingers against the rubber. The Rhyzen CMD on the other hand has a somewhat soft feel. The topsheet having a softer make, my finger sinks into the sponge easily. It feels like a 45-46 degree rubber including the topsheet.

Played with the 2 Rhyzen rubbers using the Joola Santuro KL-C Outer and a 7 ply all wood blade from another brand. When using both rubbers in the same blade back to back, you could feel the difference in both of their arcs and speed. The Rhyzen ZGR and CMD rubbers while considered as OFF+ rubbers, they are not as fast compared to the any variants of the Dynaryz Series. It is possible that the partial tackiness of the topsheets might be reducing the speed of both rubbers. The tackiness of both rubbers is only minimal. They do stick onto their wax paper-like covers out of the box but not as tacky or sticky compared to the Joola CWX rubber. I would say the Rhyzer 53 and Rhyzer 45 rubbers from the past series of rubbers from Joola are faster than the Rhyzen ZGR and CMD respectively. Still, both Rhyzen rubbers are on the off level so they are not slow. It’s just that you would feel the speed gap when you are using any of the Dynaryz rubbers.

These 2 Rhyzen rubbers are spinning machines! The semi-tacky topsheet of these rubbers give a high amount of spin. I would say there are differences on how these 2 rubbers produce spin. Please take note that on stronger shots, both rubbers should be more engaged when compressing the sponge especially the at far distance but the ZGR version of Rhyzen spins better when you have good basics in properly brushing the ball while the CMD version is easier to spin by just compressing the ball against the topsheet and sponge. The ball sinks easily on the Rhyzen CMD’s topsheet and sponge aside from the soft sponge but probably also due to the larger spacing and longer pips. The Rhyzen CMD is ideally suited for players who engages the sponge or compresses the sponge more than just pure brushing the ball with mostly the topsheet. In a way, it is easier to produce spin because the rubber’s softness lets the ball sink both into the sponge and topsheet thereby wrapping the ball mall more. The Rhyzen ZGR on the other hand, rewards you more if you have the correct basic strokes and also has the touch and contact on the ball. If you are used to using the CWX rubber that plays like a typical Chinese rubber, with some adjustments, the Rhyzen ZGR can also give you with an almost equal spin but with more power and bounce. The arc between the 2 rubbers is also very obvious in their difference. The Rhyzen ZGR has a somewhat higher arc at medium or medium low while the Rhzyen CMD has a low arc when looping. Even with doing drive forehand to forehand, I have noticed the Rhyzen CMD having a much flatter and longer trajectory. The Rhyzen ZGR in a way is spinnier than Tenergy 05.

For other strokes, The CMD blocks easier because the soft sponge easily returns loops or smashes. Punchblocks are also easier with the CMD which has a better control. The ZGR version however pushes better and having a hardsponge but not having a sponge that is too bouncy, the ZGR has better drops shots and short pushes. The CMD version also is the most affordable with the new rubbers with a low price of USD 39. Overall, these 2 rubbers are very affordable that could keep up with the performance of today’s rubbers. The ZGR especially is expected to be rubber suited for high-level players that are wanting more spin on their game without sacrificing the speed while the CMD version will offer good control, power and spin at a much lower price.
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says Looking for the BH killer shot
says Looking for the BH killer shot
Sep 2015
Read 8 reviews
40+ hours on the clock

It is hard to judge how Joola rubbers work after 20 hours because nobody use them.... I AM scared of buying new products ( their durability is worse)
And IT wont affects my game in longer perspective
I started playing the ZGR since it was released last year. After MX-D being a disappointment with respect to durability (mine were looking like 2 years used after only 2 month <= 30 hours of training and play). I really liked the ZGR from start on. They have now more than 40 hours behind them and they still generate a good amount of spin (of course a little less, than in the beginning, but still more than MX-D or the XIOM Omegas - Pro/Asia, that I played before).

What I like most about the ZGR is the absolute linearity of the rubber. I have better control in my short game, while still having enough speed for playing 1-2m behind the table. The catapult effects are noticable, but a no time surprising. You get out, what you put in.
I also tried the CMD briefly (because I wanted to have a blue rubber), but was not convinced. The rubber is factory (over)tuned and curls already inside the package. In my case, the packaged rubber had the corners already lifted, when placed on a flat surface. After glueing, the CMD was unplayable for the first hours. All my strokes ended up too long, without being able to control it.
Now (after playing for like 5 hours with it) the CMD becomes slower and control is better, but nowhere near the ZGR. I will try putting the CMD onto an all wood blade soon, to see if this helps getting better control. On a Dynasty Carbon it is not really a combination which I would recommend.

Compared to Omega China and Tibhar K3, the ZGR generates as much spin, but with much better control and is even cheaper. So for me it will stay on my racket for the next time.

I will test the Stiga Dragon Grip soon after our round is finished (end of march) and will then decide in summer, which setup makes it into the next season. There are plenty of new rubbers, which sound interesting to test (e.g. XIOM Jeckyll&Hide), but at the end the blade/rubber is only 10% of your play...
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Jan 2022
Hola! Buena Review!
yo uso rhyzer zgr en bh de mí amultart!
Es máquina!
Mucho giro y velocidad. Buen bloqueo.
Buena para abrir!
Me gusta mucho más que rakza z , h8 y g1.
Pero no me parece apropiado para fh.
Buena duración! Usar film como protección porque se le pega tierra.
Compre sin dudar!