Joola Rhyzer 50

Rhyzer 50
Weight: 71 grams uncut
Hardness: 50 degrees
Speed: OFF+
Spin: Extremely High





It has been a long time since I got hold of any Joola products. The last one I had was about 6 months ago? Since then I have not been able to test any Joola rubbers or blades. Joola USA was kind enough to send me their newest items through the kindness of As expected the rubbers nowadays seem to favor the increased hardness approach with either a medium soft or medium topsheet to compensate for the sponge hardness. A few years ago, 50 degree sponges (ESN scale), are not really that prevalent except probably with the custom made rubbers of pros who wanted their rubbers hard. This is not counting the Chinese rubbers that are already available.

Out of the box, the Joola Rhyzer 50 is hard sponged rubber with porous sponge. The sponge structure looks or is very identical to the sponge of Joola Tango PS, Rhyzers 48 and 43 which all have the pink sponges. The topsheet is in medium hardness. When you press against the rubber and sponge, it has this firmness that you can feel right away. I have had other harder rubbers but they seem to have a softer topsheet which gives them a false impression of having a soft feel. The Rhyzer 50 is also on the heavy side but this is expected as the sponge gets harder and also gets denser. It is at 71 grams uncut which is normal for rubbers of the same hardness range. The topsheet is very grippy like the the 48 and 43 sponge hardness. The topsheet has some tackiness in it and it grips the ball really good.

I have used the Rhyzer 50 with all the 4 blades – Nobilis, Quattro, Energon and Zelebro. When I did the fh to fh drills and bh to bh drills, I could feel the Rhyzer 50’s speed but it is not as bouncy as the Rhyzer 48 probably because when you hit with the Rhyzer 48 the sponge reacts the immediately to the force applied even if you will just compress the sponge little bit whereas the Rhyzer 50 seem to have a lot of gears wherein when you use drop shots or receive short serves, the ball does not really pop up just like the Rhyzer 48. It acts like a hard Chinese rubber without the stickiness where in it is easy to drive the ball and you are able to do soft and hard shots. Overall, I am impressed by the rubber’s dynamic characteristics. The speed is off+ but it is not too bouncy. You would need to compress the sponge more to really produce a good amount of speed but the rebound effect is not as reactive as the 48 degree sponge versions. I could say the speed is a bit faster than the MX-S. It is like the MX-S but it has a harder sponge and feel. It probably offers more power on your shots.

I thought this was not spinny but it is very spinny. It produces a lot more spin compared to the Rhyzer 48 if you do brush loops. It is as spinny as a Chinese rubber but it needs a certain level to unlock its potential. The topsheet is thin and is not soft at all. Maybe this is the reason why outright it is not as springy and you need to brush the ball to give you tons of spin. The Rhyzer 48 has properties wherein the ball sinks into the topsheet and sponge and grips the ball easily when you want the spin. With the Rhyzer 50, you need to know how to brush and contact the ball properly. I understand now that this is not for beginners although if you have the skills, you will be rewarded with a good amount of spin and power.

What are the other things it is good for? Hard sponge with medium topsheet –awesome for smashing with this rubber! The rubber is very easy to smash with despite having a hard sponge. I think this is built for very strong shots because the rubber shines when you compress the sponge more. When you dig deeper into the sponge, you will be rewarded with this raw power that will love for your smashes or loop drives. Be warned I do not recommend it for blades that are too stiff or blades with pure carbon layers because it might be too bouncy.

As what I have mentioned earlier, the rubber grips the ball properly and serving with it is easy as you can produce heavy underspin serves. Also, pushing balls with udnerspin is really good. The hard sponge and grippy topsheet does it all in this area. If the rubber is about 1.7mm thick, I think it can chop effectively as a chopping rubber on a defensive oversized blade.

Overall, I am impressed more with this rubber and I like it better than the Rhyzer 48 purely because it offers a little bit more control. I would definitely use this as a forehand rubber. It has to have a godo pairing with blades. I would suggest using limba outer ply blades with this such as the Zelebro or other Joola blades such as Viva. The Nobilis would be also good with this rubber since it isn’t too hard for its feel and is not too stiff which will give you good amount of control. If you use it with an all wood limba outer ply blade, you will not have any problems bringing out the best properties of this rubber.
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Jan 2019
Did you get a chance to play with the rubber. How is it?
Nahhh. Rhyzer 48 and omega 7 tour are still the fastest. Despite being 50 degrees, i have better control with this than the Rhyzer 48. It is like MX-S hard but not too bouncy.
48 is faster because it has this bounciness that you will right away have while the 50 version will give you power only if you compress more. If you have a contact that is similar to using a Hurricane 3 rubber, 50 is spinnier.
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A Joola Comparison Rubber Chart per Google search has a download from megaspin which shows Ryhzer Pro 50 slightly higher for speed and spin over Ryhzer 48.

It's probably faster at the top end. So, a professional hitting hard with Rhzyer 50 is faster than a professional hitting hard with Rhzyer 48.

For amateurs hitting pretty hard, maybe Rhzyer 48 is faster.

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It is what I have said, the hardness of the rubber does not make speedy right away. You have to compress more. It is like comparing 2 kinds of shocks, l. The harder one will give you more kicking power if you compress it more and deeper while the softer one gives you power right away.
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Aug 2016
Comparing to tibhar k1 pro and t05 hard, is it a better rubber spin and control wise?