Joola Rhyzm

Hi Guys , sorry for my english again this is my Joola Rhyzm Review.

Two weeks ago a i got two rubbers Joola Rhyzm max thick . I usually use softs rubbers(Rakza 7 Soft , Donic e FIre M3, Aurus SOund ,5Q...) so i was reluctant to test those rubbers(48 º). So at First time i didn't like the touch of the rubber but after a few minutes my impression was better , of course i can't do the same high loop as with soft rubbers but the top spin is more direct and with a great control.

THe rubber is very spinny perhaps as Tibhar Q Family , very fast but less than Q Family , TenEnery , etc... but it has a very great control , this control is bigger than other rubbers as Q , Acuda , TEnergy.
My sensations on play:
The rubber allow you to create deadly final topspins , the speed , control and spin is optimal to generate topspins close to lines , fasts and loaded with a high spin. You can do powerful topspin vs topspin in a midle and near to the table too. ... You can perform a pression over your opponent with a series of fast topspins close to the table .
The slow top spins are easy to do but in my oppinion are less dangeorus than other soft rubbers as Rakza7 Soft , 5 Q ... the control is great but less than the security that offer other soft rubbers in the topspin game.

The Smashes and counter attacks are wonderful , the hard sponge allow you to create a fast interchange of shots . Blocks and specially active blocks are mortal to your opponents , fasts and powerful .

In a short game , you can perform a secures flicks , slow topspins and sidespins but the arc is low and are not very dangeorus than other rubbers.(BLUE FIRE , 5Q)

Good rubber to serv but prefer others (TEnergy , Q , BLue Fire...).

The rubber is not very sonorous , but well.

In conclusion this rubber is for the topspin player with a good interghange of shots playig near the table , that after two-three shots search the final topspin with power and adjust the shot to the lines. WIth a great game of block and shots close to the table.

This is a great work of JOOLA


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