The Chinese Super League 2012 had its final showdown where every result was vital to dictate who made the semi final rounds of this spectacular league. Results, fixtures and schedule are listed below as the round of 14 was played yesterday on the 23rd December.

Ningbo, Shanghai and Shandong had already reached the semifinals prior to the round of 14 due to their points gathered throughout the season, however the round 14 was very important for Jiangsu and Tianjin. If Jiangsu beat Shandong, they had a chance to reach the semifinals, but if Tianjin wanted to reach the semifinals they would have to defeat Bazhou whilst Jiangsu would have to be eliminated by Shandong.

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Round 14 (last round of the first stage) Results:

Sichuan 2:3 Bayi

Xu Ruifeng 3:1 Zhou Yu
Qiu Yike 3:2 Ying Hang
Xu Ruifeng / Zhu Linfeng 1:2 Yin Hang / Li Muqiao
Qiu Yike 2:3 Zhou Yu
Zhu Linfeng 0:2 Li Muqiao

Jiangsu 1:3 Shandong

Xu Hui 1:3 Zhang Jike
Ma Lin 3:1 Fang Bo
Chen Qi / Xu Hui 0:2 Zhang Chao / Wu Hao
Ma Lin 0:3 Zhang Jike

Ma Lin maintains his performance defeating Fang Bo after elminating Xu Xin in the round of 13. However, Ma Lin met his match against the World's number 1 Zhang Jike losing by three sets to nil.

Shanghai 0:3 Ningbo

Wang Liqin 2:3 Ma Long (7:11, 13:11, 11:6, 4:11, 4:7)
Xu Xin 2:3 Yan An (12:14, 9:11, 12:10, 11:6, 4:7)
Wang Liqin / Zhang Yang 1:2 Yan An / Zhai Yiming

Young guns Ma Long and Yan An excel disposing Wang Liqin and Xu Xin separately to give Ningbo the win over Shanghai.

Bazhou 2:3 Tianjin

Cui Qinglei 3:1 Hao Shuai
Cheng Jingqi 1:3 Hu Bin
Cui Qinglei / Zhai Chao 2:0 Hu Bin / Persson
Cheng Jingqi 2:3 Hao Shuai
Zhai Chao 1:2 Persson (9:11, 13:11, 3:7)

Jorgen Persson sends Tianjin through to the semi finals defeating Zhai Chao 2-1 in a thrilling fifth set match up against Bazhou!

Teams through to the semi final are: Ningbo, Shanghai, Shandong, Tianjin

Team Ranks after 14 rounds


Player averages after 14 rounds (First stage)

Rank Player Club Win Loss Highest-points Rounds Current points
1Ma LongNingbo20124814248
2Zhang JikeShandong20423514235
3Hao ShuaiTianjin18720614194.5
4Yan AnNingbo188186.514186.5
5Xu XinShanghai14918114172.5
6Ma LinJiangsu1513175.514172
7Wang HaoBayi1310170.7514170.75
8Wang LiqinShanghai1611172.2514166.75
9Shang KunShanghai114150.7514150.75
10Cui QingleiBahou1213148.514148.5
11Zhai YimingNingbo12314814148
12Zhang ChaoShandong11713914139
13Chen QiJiangsu813130.7514125.75
14Li MuqiaoBayi20125.514125.5
15Joo Se HyukNingbo2112314123
16Zhou YuBayi1016133.514122.5
17Zhai ChaoBazhou1013126.514120.25
18Xu RuifengSichuan616120.2514117.5
19Lin ChenJiangsu5612014112.5
20Fang BoShandong1015125.7514111.75
21Yin HangBayi81011214110.75
22Xu HuiJiangsu48116.514108.75
23Wu HaoShandong21107.7514107.75
24Hu BinTianjin4810514102.75
26Lai JiaxinSichuan131061499.25
27Zhang YangShanghai121011499
28Lei ZhenghuaTianjin6191181494.5
29Zhu LinfengSichuan39107.251490.75
29Zhang YuSichuan041001490.75
31Qiu YikeSichuan6171161487.75
32Cheng JingqiBazhou7181051474.75

Semi Finals and Final Schedule

Semifinals & Final schedule
Date RoundMatchTeamDetils
6, Jan(Sun)11
11, Jan(Fri)23
12, Jan(Sat)35
22, Jan(Tue)47
26, Jan(Sat)58
27, Jan(Sun)69

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