Jun Mizutani is the 2016 Japan National Champion! (VIDEO)

Table Tennis has kicked off to a flying start in 2016 with many great events taking place around the world. This week saw the All Japan Championships take place in the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium and concluded today on the 17th January. Jun Mizutani captured the crown in the men's singles for a 7th time in his career defeating Chan Kazuhiro. In the women's singles Kasumi Ishikawa defends her crown and wins against Miu Hirano by 4 games to 1! Full results and videos below.


Jun Mizutani Champion- Photo by: ButterflyMag.com

On route to the final Jun Mizutani eliminated Sambe Kohei 4-1, Asuka Machi 4-0, Sakai Asuka 4-1 and Hiromitsu Kasahara 4-0. In the final Jun Mizutani faced Chan Kazuhiro.

Men's Singles Final: Jun Mizutani vs Chan Kazuhiro

Breakdown of the Main Draw

Quarter Finals

Jun Mizutani vs Sakai Asuka 4:1
Morita Yuki vs Kasahara Hiromitsu 2:4
Niwa Koki vs Chan Kazuhiro 2:4
Yoshimura Maharu vs Oya Hidetoshi 4:0

Ishikawa Kasumi vs Sato Hitomi 4:1
Hayata Hina vs Kato Kyoko 1:4
Matsuzawa Marina vs Hirano Miu 2:4
Ito Mima vs Hamamoto Yui 4:1

Semi Finals

Jun Mizutani vs Kasahara Hiromitsu 4-0
Yoshimura Maharu vs Chan Kazuhiro 1-4

Kasumi Ishikawa vs Kato 4-0
Hirano Miu vs Ito Mima 4-0


Jun Mizutani vs Chan Kazuhiro 4-1

Kasumi Ishikawa vs Hirano Miu 4-1

Congratulations to Jun Mizutani and Kasumi Ishikawa winning the 2016 All Japan Championships!

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