Jupiter 2

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5 out of 5 rating for Jupiter 2

I have 38 degrees 2.2mm Yinhe Jupiter II on a Nittaku Violin Carbon for FH (btw, it only comes in 2.2mm thickness). This rubber is very easy to use. If you are familiar with DHS H3, you will need almost no adjustment for Jupiter II. Jupiter II feels noticeably spinner and bouncier than H3, probably because it came already boosted. I've played with this rubber for a few weeks now and the tackiness is holding on pretty well.
One thing I've noticed is how much power and spin I can generate with this rubber on a flexible blade. Nittaku Violin Carbon is not the fastest blade, but when paired with Jupiter II, there seems to be a bottomless reserve of speed and spin you can put out (remember that I'm using the 38 degrees sponge, which is the softest version. If you use the 40 degrees version, it'll be even faster). The second note-worthy thing about Jupiter II is its great control. You can easily manipulate the trajectory, speed, and spin of your shots, more so than H3. Jupiter II is more dynamic than H3. This is great for spin generation, however, it also means the rubber is more sensitive to incoming spins. The is really the only thing I have to adjust for, during training and match play.
Overall, I think Yinhe Jupiter II is a great rubber. It's not as good as boosted H3, but I definitely prefer it over unboosted H3 and H3 Neo (btw, I like H3 a lot. H3 is my usual go-to rubber). If you are lazy like me and don't want to apply booster to your tacky rubber, I suggest you try Jupiter II. And the best part is this rubber costs less than H3.