Just Joined A Local Club After 22 Years.

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Hey everyone,

I just came back from my first day at my local club, and I got destroyed by everyone I played against (didn't win a single game either).
Last time I played against someone, the games were to 21, the ball was smaller and I weighed way less than I do now!

I bought a table and robot a month ago and had been practicing an hour or two a day.
I thought I was all caught up and ready to go. Boy was I wrong.
What shocked me the most was the bounce/kick the ball had, it was nowhere near how a robot delivers the ball.

I am a penholder with no rpb, with a h3 neo and a bty super anti (I twiddle during gameplay) on a tibhar power wood.
I 've also found it very difficult to find the spot with the h3 neo. I used to play with bryce then sriver.

People did have a lot of issues with my serves, as that is something I practice a lot, but once they returned it, I would 99.9999% of the time lose the point lol.

This was an eye opening experience, I didn't think I was going to suck this hard, but I am happy I went.
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Going to my first tournament in a couple of weeks!
I have advanced a decent amount.
I go 2-4 days a week, and practice my serve at home.
Last time I went to play at my club, I almost beat someone that's probably 2000+ (lost 2-3).
I lost for months, but then the touch started to come back!

I ditched the antispin and went with LP.