Kinetic Explorer

5 out of 5 rating for Kinetic Explorer

I have tried this blade with speed-glued Sriver EL a long time back and used it for several months when I put Bluefire M3 on both sides. The blade has a very good feeling due to it being comprised of balsa. It has a core that has carbon balls which move around as you make your stroke. You fell the effect very well on power loops which are incredibly fast. I also had the blade in the OFF+ version so it was a real rocketship. Still, the control was quite good. For blocking I'd say there is no better blade. No matter how hard the opponent loops or smashes the block is effortless and very consistent. The looping with this blade requires very little effort and you might want to take the ball a little later if you're using high-throw angle rubbers. The serving and short game bits are pretty good especially if you want to get a good low spinny push due to the speed and high throw. Flicks require little more than just a simple flick of the wrist (around 90 degrees) However, long pushes can go long. Opening up against backspin just requires a little more open of an angle and barely any effort and it doesn't come up really high. This blade shines at mid to long distance where you can do top to top rallies, lobbing, and counter loops/smashes very easily. It's not bad close to the table but you will find it hard to play a strong loop close to the table due to the blades speed. Still overall a very good blade for those who like to take a step away from the table and play with very little effort.