Kinetic Speed

4 out of 5 rating for Kinetic Speed

Tibhar Kinetic Speed
Thickness: 5.9mm
Plies: 7 (limba outer plies - CZ composite -? - kiri or koto?)
Weight 84-85 grams
Speed: OFF

The Tibhar Kinetic Speed blade gave me a mixed feeling of holding a blade that feels like ZJK ALC Blue Dragon blade and the ZJK ZLC blade. The shape of the handle vaguely resembles the ZJK ZLC blade but they just do not play the same way. THE KS is a finely crafted blade with good quality and good looks. The handle feels very comfortable and I prefer the KS' handle over the Cedric Nuytinck's shape. The KS handle is similar to the shape of ZJK ZLC compared to the Cedric's handle which has an almost oblong shape. The blade head shape is also like that of the Cedric Nuytinck which has a semi-egg shaped design. The KS is faster than the Nuytinck but the Drinkhall power carbon is still faster. The speed of the KS will not exceed the speed of Viscaria or Timo Boll ALC. The blade has plenty of speed but still not too fast that it is not on the level of Samsonov Carbon.

The Kinetic Speed has good feel despite having a more stiff construction. The Viscaria feels a tad harder and more crisp while the KS maintains a semi soft feel on impact. Despite having a composite make-up, the Kinetic Speed does not feel too hard and feels a little bit woody. The feel really reminded me of the ZJK ALC and also being a light blade it felt like it only that the KS feels a bit more solid. It has a typical feel of composite blades. It does not feel like it is close to that of the Viscaria's feel but it does not feel hard but not too soft at the same time. The Kinetic Speed is a very predictable blade which offers a player exactly what he applies on the blade. It has good gears. You can have it slow if you wanted it slow and you can have it fast if you apply more power. It is slightly faster than the Nuytinck but almost the same control because the speed difference is not that big. It is well suited for powershots like loop drives, smashes and counter loops middle distance and up to far distance from the table depending on the rubber used. Some players would find it very bouncy near the table and would prefer to use it mid-distance but skilled players have no problem using near the table. The power slightly decreases at far distance from the table. The MX-P would be excellent in the Kinetic force because despite being a fast blade you will still be able to control MX-P on this one. Actually, I think you will not have any problems looping with MX-P on this blade. While the Cedric Nuytinck can be used by intermediate players due to its high level of control despite being a carbon blade, I would recommend the Kinetic Force for more advanced players.

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Oct 2016
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5 out of 5 rating for Kinetic Speed

Ok. My first review will be short.
This is special blade which feeling is very soft but not very fast.
You will love zip from this blade, the sound is very different.
You will feel every shot on the rubber and every spin from blade like this is not normal when you use this high end equipment.
Every expensive blade is made with special quality and super duper artificial material but find me blade for amateur which will be great in terms spin/ feeling and won't be too fast. You will buy extra fancy blades from every company and it won't work because reality it is not the same and if you think you will play better with special equipment from different company because you love this player or something it won't work. I had Butterflies/Joola/Donic/Gewo/Victas/ Xiom this is the most good feeling blade from the most expensive blades