Kong Linghui drunk, violent and beats up man?

On May 27th, Olympic Champion (2000) Kong Linghui appeared to be drunk and was involved in a violent scene. Police came to the scene and took the two men to the Hujialou Police station. The security man involved with the incident with Kong Linghui claimed his wounds were caused by Kong. The Chinese National Team head coach Liu Guoliang went to the station and the two settled the issue.


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The news was received in the morining by a phone call around 4 am on May 27th from a citizen reporting about an incident where a drunken Chinese Table Tennis Coach hit a security guard and were currently at Hujialou Police Station. When the information got to the reporter he went to the police station and could not see Kong Linghui anywhere.

The reporter is said to have then gone to the scene where the crime was reported. The crime was reported at the World Financial Tower in front of Standard Chartered Bank in Chaoyang District of Beijing.

The reporter asked guards on arrival to the scene about the alleged incident about coach Kong Linghui. All security guards denied the incident and said nothing had happened with Kong Linghui.

According to reports of insiders at 3 o clock in the morning Kong seemed drunk near the east ring of the World Financial Tower where he had a verbal dispute with security. It is here apparently where Kong and security had confrontation. Its believed the alleged incident was over some problems with parking.

The Chinese head coach Liu Guoliang went to the Hujiaolou police station. After a series of conversations the two parties met a settlement however its unknown to how much Kong Linghui paid compensation to the party which was disclosed.

Its believed from a certain source that the security on duty involved was bought to the Chaoyang hospital for treatments.

Later on in the day the alleged incident was confirmed. Hujialou Police Station release a statement that Kong Linghui was allegedly drunk and due to parking problems he had a physical confrontation with a security officer on duty in the World Financial Tower. The police station said that the incident had been settled.

This incident is one of another that coach Kong Linghui was involved in back in 2006. Kong was caught drink driving. Kong's driving in fact caused an accident and he made a public apology in front of everyone and the media.

So, what do you think of this recent behaviour from Kong Linghui?

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Ah! Alcohol makes a person do a lot of terrible things. This is the only reason DUI charges are among the scariest and nobody would want to have these charges pressed against them. Well, in his case he did some terrible things and if he was driving like that then I am sure only a good lawyer can help him. My cousin works for a Los Angeles DUI attorney and that’s how I know these things.