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Sep 2019
Guys I’d like to discuss about one of my favorite players, a Korean youngster; the underdog; An Jaehyun. Apart from harimoto, lin yun ju, wang chuqin, truls moregard and so on he’s one of my favorites. I recognized him well ( I believe many people will do the same ) during the 2019 liebherr world champion where he got to beat some players like Wong Chung ting (4-0), truls moregard (4-2), harimoto (4-2) and jang woojin (4-3) and earned his place at the tournament as a bronze medalist and yep do admit that his draw at the tournament is quite loose not meeting any chinese players. He can be regarded as someone with a small frame for a male player (height - 1.67m). Despite being that also a player with fast lightning footwork. You could see his insane moves during the matches at liebherr. His playing style is similiar to that to Jang Woojin?? Looping heavy topspins away from the table and mid distance. That's what I thought. He could be on the list of underrated players and at the moment he might or might not be as consistent yet as harimoto or the rest youngsters mentioned above but I do believe he have a lot potential in the near future if he just try to maintain his best form like the way he did at liebherr and be consistent. Currently he’s 22 which I think is still youthful.
P.s if there is any wrong info about the facts, I do apologize in advance and please just state it as my carelessness.
How do you guys think of him and his way of playing too?
Would love to hear from you guys as well:)