KTL Stranger Super Big pimples

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Sep 2022
Has anyone used the Super Big Pimples version below ? I want to order one but am not sure if it is really big pips or just the useless low aspect ratio long pips on ITTF LARC

Also I do not want it if this is just a treated version of KTL Regular but soaked in Kerosene or such treatment. I do not support treated pips or anti because that would make no different from someone who engages in illegal speed-gluing or illegal boosting
I used the regular long pips (ITTF apprived) version of KTL Stranger for almost 7 years (few years into 40+ ball)

ITTF approved KTL Stranger Long pips in ITTF LARC was / is far superior (also far less expensive) to Feint Long 2 & 3 in the 40 ball era though both Feint Long 3 & ITTF approved version of KTL Stranger are pure garbage in the 40+ ball era.

There was some wrong information claiming that KTL Regular pips were treated sticky pips. This is incorrect. Because I think what happened was that the sponge version of regular KTL Stranger (NOT big pips) was stored in extreme heat and the cheap glue (that bonds the sponge to top sheet) melted inside the package and the pips got stuck to the package. I am sure this is NOT what the manufacturer intended but it looks like some players in China started using this version.

I am currently using Magic 77 but the pips top is not rough enough for me to able to create more back spin like Feint Long (though still the Looper Torture Index is much much higher than the useless ITTF LARC low aspect ratio long pips) . Magic 77 is not frictionless pips and pip top is slightly rough but nor rough enough. Still Magic 77 is the best all around rubber I have ever played with in my years of using ANY long pips. I can chop very well but I can also block & smash at the table quite well

Still I wish some manufacturer would take Magic 77 and make pip tops rougher & pips closer (like before the Pip Density Reduction Regulation of 2004 ….you know supposedly Liu Guoliang special but was more to punish choppers) to increase the backspin capability so that choppers can slightly tilt the playing field in their favor (though a somewhat level playing field (for longer rallies & spectator interest) is not possible without 1.7 max sponge thickness & a real ban on speed-gluing & boosting). But since the looper controleld ITTF only wants 3rd ball & 5th ball attacks to quickly end the point & minimize spectator interest, I do not ever seeing this happening.

I plead to ITTF to ban all pips & anti to release & set free all of ITTF's political prisoners (choppers / defenders)
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