Larry Hodges Interview at Kevin Table Tennis

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Dec 2014
Here's my interview at Kevin Table Tennis! You may know Kevin Nguyen (from Portland, OR) for his table tennis trick shots, and he's also among the best of his age in the country, rated 2062 at age 12. Hope you enjoy some of the funny stories I tell! Take it in two sittings, perhaps, but once you get started, I bet you won't stop! Learn how Marty Reisman "ruined my life," how I ate nine quarter pounders with cheese while winning the 1980 North Carolina Open (and in the 40 years since that time, have eaten only one more - 20 years ago when I lost a bet to the kids in our junior program at the Junior Nationals), and about the time I signed 12 autographs as Jan-Ove Waldner!-Larry Hodges
P.S. For some reason, when I click the link, it takes me about two minutes into the interview.
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