Learn RPB the Wong Chun Ting style

Butterfly released a series of RPB tutorial by Wong Chun Ting. I don't understand the language but action speak louder than words. Hope Stiga can made something similar with Xu Xin as well.

Very nice videos! Even though I play shakehand, it's very interesting to analyze the mechanics of other styles of playing...

Thanks for sharing man!
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Jan 2016
Nice set of videos!

Not only would it be a nice Japanese language review for me, but it would also help reaffirm backhand fundamentals.

The key points the videos make are okay for both shakehanders and penholders, so as long as you can read them.


One thing that I love that the third video points out is that you have to give yourself some distance from the ball when you backhand flip. I mentioned that in another thread that was about backhand flips, but no one seemed to care...

It says:
????????????? booru to tekido ni kyori wo toru
which roughly means: take a moderate distance to the ball.

EDIT: the Japanese characters weren't showing up.
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