Learn Table Tennis with Dr Tang

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Dec 2012
A comprehensive Chinese series have been uploaded on Youtube recently, entitled "Learn Table Tennis with Dr Tang"

The Coach provides detailed demonstration on table tennis techniques. It contains 25 episodes, each about 5-15 min. The only problem is the Chinese language ! It will be nice if someone can provide English subtitle for these series. Since, most of the episodes are short, the translation is not hard. If anyone knows Chinese, he/she can pick 1-2 episodes, the whole work can be done by few nice Chinese guys. So I think, because of the quality of the teaching, lots of guy will be facilitated from this work. I appreciate if anyone can do this favor.
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Sep 2013
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1 mins video will equal to about 5 to 10 mins of translation work.
so a 10min video may take up to an hour to translate.
I know becaue I translated some videos in the past before

These videos are about 2 years old. I wonder if any translation is already made on the internet.
Other than that, there is a youtuber that translated some videos already. I wonder if they are able to do it, as maybe with professional translators, the speed will be faster....