Lee Sang Su defeats Ma Long in round 2 of the Korean Open 2012! (VIDEO)

Korea's Lee Sang Su caused the biggest upset at the Korean Open World Tour today in front of his home crowd as he defeated the World number 1 from China Ma Long in five sets! The host nation were behind the Korean all the way and erupted in joy as Lee hammered the final forehand passed Ma Long.

Athletic Lee Sang Su at a mere age of 21 years of age and ranked 60 in the world was in tip top form as he disposed Ma Long in five sets with scores 11-6, 11-9, 9-13, 11-9, 11-9.


Ma Long - photo by: Xinhua/Cheong Kam Ka

Video below - Lee Sang Su vs Ma Long

To watch the Korean Open World Tour 2012 click the ITTF Live Stream here

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Apr 2011
He isn't stable enough like Zhang Jike. Again he wasn't him self...

Stable like Zhang Jike HaHaHaaa!!!!
Lol. Sorry, but when has Zhang Jike been stable? His play is like manic depression; sometimes he just quietly loses and forgets a handshake and the other day he is jumping around shouting and ripping shirts.
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New Member
May 2012
It was painful watching that - the helpless undoing of an erstwhile number 1 favorite. It's as though he had lost his spirit or will to survive. Though now physically challenged by a younger, speedier bunch (Koki and Lee Sang) , I believe he still has it in him to turn things around..., with hard, boot-camp style work, and a lot of ego-cuddling! No doubt, he feels very much alone right now.