Liu GuoLiang & pip density reduction regulation of 2004

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Aug 2022
It boils down to how often you play against a style.Short pimples were pretty much obsolete in the 90's.Liu Guoliang was the only top 10 player and Europeans didn't play that often against him 'cause the tour was different at the time.Take Rosskopf for example.He played against LGL only 5 times in his career 2 of them were in the Olympics and 2 in the World Cup.Ηow is he supposed to get familiar with his game when he only meets in such big tournaments being under such pressure?Of course the Chinese team had many Rosskopf clones to train against top scouting,game analysis and even intelligence from their own players who played in the Bundesliga.
Even LGL has said his game was only a temporary solution for the CNT to catch up with Europe.Even before the pips ban he had two poor seasons(1997/1998) that no one seems to talk about and of course his game was cracked by Waldner and LGL was first and foremost known for being the Waldner beater.
I accept your explanation of why (short) pips are "tricky" (& inverted is "normal")
I was mistaken
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Jul 2017
I wonder if all SP players get figured out at some point. Mima ito is still very good but after she beat some top Chinese players at a very young age they seemed to have figured her out and some older japanese players started to beat her too.

Falck is also is still a quite dangerous player but he also is inconsistent and sometimes loses to lower ranked players.

I guess there are some limitations to SP game.

But of course that applies to the highest level, there are still SP players who can beat most inverted players, in the end it is more about level than style
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Feb 2021

If you have China's endless resources you can train with clones and get familiar with any kind of game.Falck of course faces the problem of being too tall for staying that close to the table.There have been tall smashers but used inverted.To be honest,Moregard seems as good of a smasher despite using inverted.