Liu Guoliang Talks About The rumour Of Stepping Down As Head Coach!

Since China claiming all golds in the table tennis event at the 2016 Rio Olympics there has been lots of speculation that Head Coach Liu Guolian will retire. In an interview with Liu Guoliang discusses these rumours.


Liu Guoliang - Delighted with results in Rio - Via ITTF Flickr

Liu Guoliang Interview via

A lot of fans have been questioning recently whether Liu will step down as head coach for the Chinese National Team after Rio. Heres Liu's response to the rumours and speculations. "I have not decided whether ill leave or stay yet, but I think I should lay down a bit for now and rest." China took all Olympic medals three time in a row since 2008. All the praises and high expectation made me nervous. It is a relieve for me after Rio. The pressure was very high."

There are rumours about Liu Guoliang stepping down as Head Coach to join the General Administration of Sports. Liu responded with this question, "I am not sure if I will leave or stay, but I know my wishes all along. All I am sure is I am real tired and need to lay down for now. I am the counselor of my team, who can be mine?" Liu Guoliang is 40 years old. "The things to consider are totally different now. I have not thoroughly thought about my future life. But I do think Table Tennis needs some changes. It is one sided if all it is about is Gold. There are so many areas to explore. If we can make more International impact, more people love TT, then the competitors are happy, I believe all will be better. With China's strength, we can be sure to push TT to a higher level with more influences. That's why I want to do more. I love innovation, love challenges and anything exciting. It is easy to repeat, but hard to change. I wish TT can change, I wish I can change."

Will Liu Guoliang take part in Tokyo Olympics 2020? For sure I will attend, but I'am not sure with what role. If I am still the Head Coach by that time, I will definitely aim for Gold to repay my country. If not then many things ought to do can be released.

Xu Xin lost to Japan's Jun Mizutani, what happened in this match? Xu Xin's loss was not about not warming up enough, but cold at heart. Still it is of benefit. Why loss after leading 10:7? The reason is because its the Olympic Games. One should forget about the past glory, sum up and understand the loss then he can win it back in the same situation next time in Tokyo. Zhang Jike has undergone some changes. He was pretty tired before Rio. But after Ma Long took the Grand Slam, Zhang Jike wants to participate in the next round. Zhang Jike found a mirror, and Ma Long is that mirror. Ma Long, no matter if a competition is big or small, all he wants to do is win it. That is exactly how he can get to his height today. So I kiss him after the match.



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