Liu Guoliang teaches his 1 year old daughter Table Tennis! (VIDEO)

The Chinese National Table Tennis team including Ma Long, Zhang Jike, Wang Hao, Ma Lin, Yan An, Fang Bo, Wang Ligin, Chen Qi and many more are resting from Winter Training in Xiamen! This has given the Chinese National team head coach Liu Guoliang some time to spend with his family. However, this time around Liu Guoliang is not teaching World number 1 Ma Long how to play a forehand, he is teaching his one year old daughter how to play a forehand with the use of multi ball!


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Below is the video captured of Liu Guoliang teaching his 1 year old daughter how to play table tennis!! To follow these amazing pictures and videos sent in by Wiebo reporters and posted by our beloved Table Tennis fans click here

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With China dominating Table Tennis to extreme new levels, will Liu's daughter become the next World Champion?

I think this footage is evident why China are so good at table tennis. Table Tennis is in the peoples blood and culture of China!
Sep 2011
Bud to Blossom into champion of champions

Glad to see a child at an early age table tennis is growing bud is going blossom into a beautifull flower and spread the aroma of TT :)
definitely future world champion, unless her sister is better
Champion of Champions