London 2012 Olympics 'GAME'

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Oct 2010
Heres the Official Video Game for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Table tennis gameplay below


What do you think? Twitter user ADPP gave his review below. Be sure to follow After Dark Ping Pong here for more blogs and views about table tennis

This is why I believe that they have majored on the spin factor. If you notice in the video, there is a lot of ball movement. This adds the difficulty aspect to game play and insures the user a fiercely competitive battle! However there are some moments where you may sit and scratch the head, trying to work out how a ball was returned using a back handed shot that hits sharp right, when the hand was swung to the left…Some odd ergonomics there!

The graphics are next level! The game designers have not left any stones un-turned on this front. When I was scrolling down the Youtube pages looking for game play videos, I struggled to separate the videos that were of a real match and those from the game! The logos, themes and fonts that have been present throughout the marketing and branding of the games are used effectively all the way through menu screens, heads up displays and even loading screens.

The development team have worked hard to integrate the branding style into the overall aesthetic and, as such, it feels very polished. In terms of in-games models, the locations such as the Olympic Stadium, the Velodrome and Lords’ Cricket Ground, all look ultra realistic and, when coupled with the high quality presentation, make you think you could be watching the events of television.

We would be keen to get some feedback from anyone who has the full game?? Let us know via our Twitter, Facebook or Contact page on the site!
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May 2011
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I think real table tennis players should be involved in developing a game for table tennis, because most shots here are backhand pushes... okay, it is difficult to make it look realistic, but instead of every chop a topspin would make it already much more realistic... I don't like to buy a game like that, I get frustrated, because in real life we would all probably kill such a slow and high chop :D
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Mar 2011
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Got the game around 2-3 weeks ago (don't ask me from where :p) just to try the table tennis.
Can't even start the serve because I don't have an Xbox controller (some buttons needs to use the controller EXCLUSIVELY) and the control is not customizable :(

Oh and the names are quite funny too such as Timo Michael (GER) and half cuts off world ranked players..