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Jul 2017
About being lucky. Somethings will happen where you have no control. This is what I call "pure luck". Like winning the lottery or putting chips on 00 in roulette and winning. I my case the opponent get an abnormal amount of net balls. Bad luck.

I have wonder about classify lottery winners because obviously there is an opportunity and will to take a chance.

Some luck you have control over. This is what we are talking about here.
To be "lucky" you have to have the opportunity, the will and the skill.
Remember, opportunity, will and skill.

One of my practice partners started playing with me when he was 63. I was 3 or 4 years younger. I would hit balls and they would just fly by him. Over the years he got better. One day 3 years later he hit what you guys call a lucky shot. I told him it wasn't luck. He had the opportunity, the will and the skill to make the shot. My practice partner was much better at 66 than at 63 due to playing a lot of TT. We still play twice a week when we are around.

Opportunities come by all the time. Sometimes we just don't recognize them, some times people think , "why bother". Other times they don't have the skill to take advantage of an opportunity.
There is a lot that goes into being "lucky" outside of something where you have no control.
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