Unseeded and against all odds, Korea's Jung Young Sik and Kim Min Seok caused yet another major doubles sensational and put a dent into the Chinese National Team today on the 29th February 2012 at the Asian Championships 2012. China's Wang Hao and Ma Long won the first set against the Korean duo, however the koreans reversed this and won the next four sets in a row!


Jung Young Sik returning service - Kim Min Seok (right). Photo by Tony Wu

Jung Young Sik and Kim Min Seok defeated Ma Long and Wang Hao in an incredible five games with scores: (11-13, 11-8, 11-8, 11-9, 11-9).

This loss to Wang Hao and Ma Long may threaten their chance to pair in the upcoming Olympics. Having said this, Zhang Jike and Ma Lin also lost in their doubles match at the Asian Championships. For more read here

In the opening match, the Chinese pairing secured the first set in a close 13 points to 11. However, things started to go down hill for Ma Long and Wang Hao. Korea's Jung Young Sik and Kim Min Seok were hungry for success and gave their absolute all in an attempt to beat the doubles titans!

This enthusiasm and determination sealed the next four games for the Korean duo. Kim Min Seoks backhand was spectacular on the return of service as he produced a mixture of top spin and side-spin to cause errors to his opponents.


Ma Long, front - Wang Hao, back. Photo by: Tony Wu

Wang Hao seemed to make a lot of unforced errors on his backhand side in the crucial points of the set. The accuracy of the Korean team gave them the success as they had Ma Long and Wang Hao running on many occasions! Throughout the match Jung and Kim were always in great position disposing their tactics consistently and effectively.

Congratulations Jung Young Sik and Kim Min Seok! To follow all the latest news feeds from the Asian Championships 2012 including the seedings, results, matches and more click here


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