Ma Long earns more than a quarter of a million dollars in the Chinese Super League (VIDEO)

It’s been said that having such an elite player like Ma Long in your team doesn’t come cheap however after this season he has proved he is worth the large sum of more than $250,000 after leading the Ningbo team to the championship title for the second time in the Chinese Super League. He had a 93% winning percentage and finished first in the individual rankings.


Ma Long securing the win against Xu Xin in the Chinese Super League Finals

24 year old Ma Long is stealing the spotlight from Ma Lin in the super league as he continues to be consistent with his wins and losses since he joined in 2008. In the recent season Ma Long continued his superb success in the super league with a record breaking 93.10% winning percentage proving that Ningbo’s investment in the young player is more than worthwhile.

Ma Long commented “This year’s victory is not one person’s achievement, the overall strength of the team is very strong and the championship title is the team’s victory.”

Check out Ma Long vs Xu Xin in the China Super League finals!

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Written by: Emily Standing
says Youtube channel...
says Youtube channel...
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Dec 2012
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Nice article. I've been a long already wondering how much they earn there. I would actually have thought they, and especially Ma Long, earns more than that in the super league. It's of course a lot of money anyway compared to price money in the World Tours but compared to other sports that's not so much.

Does anyone know if the chinese players keep all of the price money they earn in the competitions or does something of it go to the chinese tt federation?
Although the quality of Chinese vs Chinese matches is a lot higher, sometimes I feel watching European vs European a little more entertaining due to the longer lasting rallies ... Does anybody agree with me or am I alone on this one ?
Top level Chinese national players playing each other now is just serve and 3rd ball attack really, not so many crowd sweeping loop to loop rallies. I dunno it's just a thought. :D