Ma Long Forehand Loop (Topspin) | Weight Transfer Analysis

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Mar 2019
Weight transfer is a good topic to discuss. Unfortunately you aren't hitting any of the important points.

Pulls his left wrist before pulling his left shoulder? Seriously?
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Nov 2020
Playing it backwards as you do at 1:01 is a nice touch I haven't seen elsewhere. The enormity of the swing is more apparent.

The crawl-like left hand, imho, is incidental. Water gives resistance, air doesn't. Focusing on trying to replicate that, again imho, is contra-productive. At that point you hit the ground with right foot, that's where the transfer starts. Focusing on that, is better, the rest unfolds from itself.

Thank you for the effort you put into these videos.
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Jan 2020
I gotta say I love the effort you put in for the video but the contents are honestly confusing. I don’t really understand anything. Not that I want to criticise but with the hope you may make a better one soon. :eek: Also the sample shot may confuse new learners. It’s a third ball kill that he had to take a big step into position at the same time as swinging, a very advanced footwork motion. Also since it’s a kill, he won’t recover after the shot.