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Ma Long is my favorite player. I have a lot of videos of Ma Long and and I have been trying to copy his strokes. Now with this pictures and the explanations that it has I hope to perfect the strokes. Here is the Word Document with all the pictures that i edited and the translations to english that I found online. I hope it helps you because i made it for myself just to make it easier to read.... Go to this link and DOWNLOAD it because in word it will look good. Now this is just to watch and not to print because the margins are not ok for the purspose of printing..

Use this link to download the PDF in HD format. The pictures below are not as clear:

longtutorial.jpg GNlYjQ0OTE0/edit






Would advice you to watch this video. What I actually do is to download it in HD720P play it in slow motion with VLC

and this other video that I like Check it in youtube:

This is the full video of Ma long with subs thanks to Jagged Translates.

Here is the playlist for the tutorial of Ma Long and Wang Hao:

And the videos: Ma Long

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says Spin and more spin.
says Spin and more spin.
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says New video out today! I took on Dima with him using a...


says New video out today! I took on Dima with him using a...
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I haven't had time to check this document out guys but looking forward to. Is there a way we can embed it in as a thread?

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I don't think I've ever seen that last video. Thanks for posting it. Excluding Ma Lin they are all favorite players of mine.
Same here. Now Ma Long has been my number 1 for a long time even when he was number 1. Some people used to tell me that Wang Hao and Ma Lin were better players. But we can see the results now. just waiting for some olimpic and world championships... Soon I will also post some of the tutorials that have gathered around online but i might do it in a different post..