Ma Long & Zhu Yuling Are The 2015 China Open Champions! (VIDEOS)

The China Open concluded today on the 8th August 2015. The popular event saw some fantastic matches take place on the final day, including the women's doubles, men's doubles, women's singles and men's singles final. In the men's final between Ma Long and Xu Xin met one another, in the women's final Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling.

Full results plus videos below.


Ma Long and Zhu Yuliang take a selfie after their victories!

On route to the final of the men's singles event Ma Long defeated Antoine Hachard (4-2), Chen Weixing (4-0), Fang Bo (4-0) and Oshima (4-3). In the other half of the China Open Xu Xin and eliminated Asuka Machi (4-2), Tang Peng (4-0), Marcos Freitas (4-1) and Fan Zhendong (4-3).

On routh to the final of the women's singles event Zhu Yuling defeated Cheng Hsien-Tzu (4-0), Doo Hoi Kem (4-0), Han Ying (4-1) and Liu Shiwen (4-2). Ding Ning in the other side of the China Open took out opponents including Misaki Morizono (4-0), Shan Xiaona (4-0), Ai Fukuhara (4-3) and Kasumi Ishikawa (4-1).

Watch the men's and women's singles finals unfold below in the highlights by the ITTF.

Men's Singles Final: Ma Long vs Xu Xin

Women's Singles Final: Ding Ning vs Zhu Yuling

TTD members who voted for Ma Long in the men's singles were correct in this years TTD poll competition with Ma Long gathering 77 votes to Fan Zhendong's 21 and Xu Xin's 19! This is Ma Long's 6th China Open Men's Singles title matching Wang Liqin's record. Will Ma Long surpass this in years to come?

Congratulations to Ma Long and Zhu Yuling winning the 2015 China Open! For all the latest news, results and videos from the China Open click here. To catch up on all the latest highlighted matches from the China Open visit our Media Library.

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Photo by: ITTF