Ma Long's Beijing Stumble Out Of The Semi Finals At The Chinese National Games!

Today on the 3rd September 2013 the Chinese National Games team event semi finals took place. In the first semi final saw Hao Shuai's Tianjin take on Xu Xin's Shanghai. Ma Long's Beijing took on Wang Hao's Pla in the second semi final of the day. Full results below:


Men's Team Semi-finals

Tianjin 0-3 Shanghai

Li Pin 1:3 Xu Xin (12:10 9:11 5:11 6:11)
Hao Shuai 2:3 Wang Liqin (13:11 6:11 11:9 9:11 5:11)
Liu Yanan 0:3 Shang Kun (6:11 7:11 3:11)

In the opening match, Xu Xin gave Shanghai the lead with a 3-1 victory over Tianjin. In the second match an epic encounter took place between Wang Liqin and Hao Shuai. In the previous round Wang Liqin had a tremendous victory over Zhang Jike. In today's match Wang Liqin maintained this momentum with a victory over Hao Shuai to give Shanghai a 2-0 lead. In form Shang Kun won the 3rd match in 3 straight sets to progress Shanghai into the finals of the Chinese National Games 2013!

Beijing 0-3 PLA

Yan An 0:3 Fan Zhendong (7:11 9:11 5:11)
Ma Long 1:3 Zhou Yu (11:8 12:14 7:11 8:11)
Hou Yingchao 0:3 Wang Hao (9:11 9:11 2:11)

Beijing, arguably the peoples favourite of the event stumbled against the ever improving Pla. Fan Zhendong disposed team mate Yan An in 3 sets to give his side a 1-0 advantage. Next up was the world number 1 versus Zhou Yu. Zhou produced an incredible performance to give Pla a 2-0 lead with a superb win over Ma Long. Wang Hao sealed the deal for team Pla with a 3-0 win over defender Hao Yingchao.

The Men's Team Final of the Chinese National Games 2013 will see Pla against Shanghai! Who do you think will become champions?

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