China claimed all Olympic golds at the 2016 Rio Olympics this year in Rio. When the men's China team won gold in the team event CCTV5 interviewed World Number 1 Ma Long right after.


Ma Long - Interviewed After Olympic Team Gold - Via CCTV5

Ma Long Interview after winning Team Gold in Rio!

Now all competitions are finished, tell us about your past 12 days here in Rio.

"These 12 days are harsh. This could possibly be my last Olympic Games. I want to leave myself a good memory. But the game needs fighting, not thinking. Liu Guoliang told me beforehand to relax my mind every day after matches. I think a lot especially thinking of all the difficulties in table tennis. This is the most tormented and hardworking 12 days in my 20 years of playing table tennis but it is also the best memory for life."

Is winning the Grand Slam a wonderful feeling?

"Before the Team Competition I thought I will cry after winning. But after it is done I felt everything is quite ordinary and calm. It could mean I have grown up."

Tell us about your brothers u Xin and Zhang Jike.

"I think being Xu Xin and Zhang Jike are not easy. Especially Xu Xin who needed to adjust and play doubles in 5 minutes after losing game 2 to Jun Mizutani. It is very difficult in the court. Today the way Zhang Jike helped and motivated Xu Xin to handle the situation and how Xu Xin handled himself has touched me. After winning the double I was very relaxed to play my 4th game which went well."

2 minutes in the video Ma Long is interviewed by CCTV5:

Highlights of Ma Long and the team in Rio by the IOC

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Translated by TTD User: TurboZ