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Jan 2023
Dear fellow table tennis players of the defensive and allround classes, twiddlers, choppers and counter spinners

after many years of chopping away me and my wounded knee have decided to proverbially hang up my table tennis equipment to dry

I haven't seen much demand for worn shoes and a mountain of t-shirts but there are two blades that are very dear to me, and have been with me on the biggest part of my very modest tt career - one would say why would you sell them I'd answer because somewhere someone should be out there using it. It is a blade that needs a motivated, creative player, honouring an old craft that's dying out slowly, but being carried by these wonderful individualistic players, swimming against the tide and awing and amazing tt audiences everywhere. Defence is a mentality, it comes with a certain personality and a certain attitude towards life, imho ))

I have one in a used condition, and one as new - so if you want make the switch to this blade you already have your replacement one, which every player should have anyways - in the rare case something happens to the first one, which will never be your fault because you take good care of it, and there's you sportsmanship

They did cost a dime at the time, I have no idea if they are worth something, I just want to know if there is any interest at all.
- my interest lays in giving it a good next home in the nice hands, and getting a little pocket money for a new hobby, that has less impact on this ol' body o mine

Will post some pictures this weekend

If you do have any questions please ask away!