May World Rankings - Hao Still Dominates

The world rankings for May have just come out from the ITTF and here are the listings below. No change at the top 10 as Wang Hao maintains world number 1 position. Ranking poriod released 25/05/2011 by ITTF.



Photo Source: Xinhua/Liu Dawe

1) Wang Hao
2) Timo Boll
3) Zhang Jike
4) Ma Lin
5) Ma Long
6) Xu Xin
7) Jun Mizutani
8) Vladimir Samsonov
9) Wang Liqin
10) Joo Se Hyuk

The only tournament between April and May rankings was the Spanish Open 2011. The Korean team had a big display of players at the tournament, thus they were the players to shine on the ITTF World Ranking. The winner of the Spanish Open was Oh Sang Eun. He moved up the world ranking to 11 position only 25 points outside the top 10.

Lee Jung Woo, Oh Sang Euns team mate from Korea also advanced in the world rankings. He is now ranked at 20, previously he was ranked 28 in the April rankings.

Elsewhere, team mate Soo Hyun Deok won the under 21 men's singles at the Spanish Open in Almeria. This win moved him 25 places in the world ranking to number 42!!. This is Soo second attempt in breaking the top 50 mark when back in June 2010 he did this at position 45.

Other Korean's such as Ryu Seung Min lost in his first round which made him drop to places in the world rankings to position 13. His opponent was Lebesson who moved a staggering 14 places from 83 to 69.

While most of the Korean delegates improved in the rankings, Ryu Seung Min, after losing in the opening round in Almeria, dropped two places to number 13. On the other hand, the European players, Emmanuel Lebesson and Christophe Legout also noted an improvement. Lebesson, after defeating Ryu Seung Min reached the 69th spot from number 83, while Legout climbed seven spots to 58.



Photo by: xinhua

1) Li Xiaoxia
2) Guo Yan
3) Ding Ning
4) Guo Yue
5) Liu Shiwen
6) Feng Tianwei
7) Ai Fukuhara
8) WU Yang
9) Kim Kyung Ah
10) Kasumi Ishikawa

No changes made in the top 5 of the women's ranking however, Wu Yang from China has broken in the top 10 being placed in 8. Pushing Kim and Kasumi down one postion. Wang Yue of Singapore dropped 4 places into 12th postion.

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I actually wanted to see if Ai-chan could make it to the number 1 world.
She is a child prodigy, right ? Being a pro in such a young age.
Too bad she haven't made a flashy win over a title or something :|

But its good to see her steadily rising after her slip previously.
Now she is in her highest rank she has ever achieved (7)
Wish the best for her.

A great and model sportswoman :D