Minor wrist injuries due to bad C-Pen technique. Should i switch to shakehand or get my C-Pen better ?

I'm currently suffering my a minor non-swelling wrist injury. I play C-pen and my technique is not very good that i have a very tight grip and use too much wrist. I recently purchased a C-pen racket but because of my wrist injury I'm starting to consider to switch to shakehand.
I love playing C-pen but with my wrist issues and bad technique, playing C-pen is now very hard for me.
I seek your guidance everyone.
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Sep 2013
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if there is injury/pain, you should stop playing all together.
If something is wrong, you need to fix the mistake should you wish to continue
what is wrong.... I can't say.... I don't think any one can answer that with what you shared.
maybe get a cpen coach (Yogi Bear??) @yogi_bear
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Dec 2013
From my experience, if you suffer pain playing penhold grip, you are doing something wrong. I have been playing penhold for many years, using rpb, I never had problems with injury. It’s always my feet and knee start to complain, but never my wrist. Here is what I think you should check:
1. Cut the rubber correctly to suit your grip. Normally forhand is a few inches lower and backhand full coverage.
2. Use sandpaper to make the blade smooth where you hold the racket.
3. Use your body, forearm, legs to generate power, not your wrist too much.

check how pro like wang Hao and Lebrun hold the racket. It took me quite some time to find the best grip for me