MOST INTENSE MATCH EVER! | TableTennisDaily Team | TTDSL 2021 Ep 2

says TTD Team vs Pongfinity drops tomorrow!
says TTD Team vs Pongfinity drops tomorrow!
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Oct 2010
Yes guys! We're back, it's episode 2 of the TTD Team in the TableTennisDaily Super League and this time round we take on Team One Direction! One Direction have Moses, and that can mean only one thing... a Pocket Rocket vs Moses showdown!

Don’t miss a single second of this one, it’s intense!

Miss episode 1? Catch it here.
says MIA
says MIA
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Nov 2016
Another great EP of TTDSL! Gets me pumped up before my league matches.

Would love to see a equipment check segment in the following episodes, including opponents' equipment.
Looks like Pocket went back to using a Viscaria, Dan now using an Harimoto ZLC... What are the Ringer, Poww, Moses etc playing with these days?

Keep the good stuff comin'!
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