Musa III

4 out of 5 rating for Musa III

Musa 3

The Musa 3 is a very under rated rubber in the market today. Much attention has been given on newer and faster ESN rubbers, the Musa 3 seem to be not given much attention by players. There are ESN rubbers that were released by TT companies with rubbers like Roxxon, GTT rubbers that are in the mid-ranged cost of 30-35usd but they have older generation topsheets with newer sponges glued to them. The Musa 3 looks different that the topsheet is unlike rubbers before it and that it is not a slow rubber with less spin but rather it is surprisingly fast and bouncy. Upon checking, the Musa 3 is a medium soft rubber. You can feel the softness when you are pressing lightly against the topsheet but not as soft as a Vega Elite. It is closer to the softness of Vega Europe. The Musa 3 is very fast and bouncy that people who have tried it seem to think that it is faster than the Acuda S2 or Bluefire M2 but slower than MXP or Rhyzm 48. It feels like a classic Japanese rubber that is spin-elastic. You can say it is like an improved classic rubber like Mark V but the spin and speed are marginally higher. The spin is very good and it has a high amount of spin. If the likes of the Omega V pro or Euro and even the Omega VII Pro have very high or extreme level of spin, the Musa 3 has high amount of spin. I would put it as having the same level of spin with Acuda S2 or Bluefire M2 but feels softer. The arc is medium to medium high arc when looping. The ball digs deep into the sponge and topsheet when looping producing a very good amount of spin. The power is good up to middle distance from the table. I feel the power diminish at about 6 feet away from the table. It is better as a close to the table rubber that is very good for quick attacks, blocking, flicking and drop shots. The Musa 3 is an all around rubber that can basically do any type of shot being an offensive rubber. If the Vega Series like Europe, Asia, Japan and Pro versions were o be phased out in the market, the Musa 3 can actually replace all of them because it is as good as those rubbers mentioned. I would suggest this to players are budget conscious that want to have the best value their limited budget can buy. Even higher level players can actually use this effectively as a backhand rubber. This was tested with the Zeta Offensive Carbon blade. Uncut Weight is 64-65 grams