MX-P 50 deg vs MX-S ?

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Sep 2012
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MX-P 50 deg vs MX-S what is the difference? which one is "better"?

I have both. Have compared both. Not completely fairly - MX-S on MJ-ZLC and MX-P 50 on IF-ZLC.

MX-P 50 is a monster - basically MX-P on steroids. Loops are super powerful. For me, I am trying to go away from using H3 and regular MX-P feels too soft now. MX-P 50 is just right.

MJ-ZLC is a faster blade than IF-ZLC and on hence MX-S (which is a bit slower than MX-P 50) feels just right on it. It offers a bit more spin than MX-P & is lower throw (so loop trajectory is tighter due to both counts). The advantage is that all loops you throw land on the table. And, when required, it smashes well too on a fast blade like MJ.

Both are really powerful (as they are 50 deg rubbers). MX-P 50 is more powerful but a bit less spinny than MX-S.

I would not use either of them on a stiff carbon blade. Especially the MX-P 50 - it requires a flexible blade.

I still haven't completely gotten used to serving using both (coming from H3). I'll give it a week or two.

Hope that helps.
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Apr 2019
Both have exactly the same weight.
MX-S is slower, softer and spinier. Better for serves, on the table game and opening against backspin.
MX-P 50 deg is harder and faster, good further away from the table, not so good close to the table. Very easy to finish the point when the ball is high. Very unforgiving too if you don't hit at right angle and speed. On pushes sometimes the ball pops higher than you want, but I guess this is related to the fact I'm using MX-S (softer) on the other side.
MX-S has more grip than MX-P.
I tested both on Nittaku Violoncelo, first MX-P on FH, but I've made too many unforced errors and now I'm using it on BH, MX-S is good on FH I wish it'd be slower with more grip.
When I glued the rubbers on blade I noticed that MX-P curled nicely because of the speed glue. I'll try to boost it because I have a feeling the sponge on MX-P 50 deg was made to be boosted.

I prefer MX-S, but that doesn't mean is "better" than MX-P.

I'm an amateur so take my opinion with a grain of salt. If you're a good player (good footwork, hit at the right angle) you might like MX-P 50 deg.