My first hybrid rubber!!! And it's GREAT!

Joola Golden Tango!![emoji1320]

I've been using europe/japanese rubber for a while now. And my journey with changing setup, mostly topsheet, is great.

Out of my whole table tennis journey, I have only used 4 tacky rubbers:

1) 729 Friendship Super FX back in 2006. I first started using blade and rubber combination as my setup and not a premade one.
2) DHS Hurricane 2, which was popularized by Wang Liqin. It was around 2010 I guess.
3) DHS Hurricane 3 neo, on 2013, for sure because of Ma Long and others.
4) DHS Hurricane 8 on 2015.

Only number 2-4 were the ones I bought, completely new out of its plastic cover. It was mostly due to influence from the Chinese team at that time, (of course Youtube plays a big role), where we always copy what the pro players are using, even though my skills doesn't deserve the great setup[emoji1787].

Number 1 was a passed down from my friends.

Back to the topic. I initially don't really enjoy tacky rubber except during the serve. But due to it's cheaper price, i tried them out. Because it grips well, it can produce enormous spin. However, during rally, I can't really use it due to its hard sponge.

We have a great improvement in table tennis tech since couple of years ago, now we had the hybrid rubber - tacky topsheet with tensor sponge. And I've been dreaming of trying one. And now I have it as a gift from my friend - Joola Golden Tango max thickness.


1) Try out on inner ZLC carbon blade as FH rubber:
I have a custom made inner carbon zlc, with limba as an outer ply.

Need to adjust the angle, had to open a bit.

Result: the feeling wasn't great. I feel it lacked power. Maybe due to the inner carbon and softer limba as outerply.

Pros: The spin is pronounced!

Cons: lack power for this combination rubber - blade. Maybe with more practice I can get used to produce more power.

2) Try out on outer ALC carbon blade as FH rubber:
I put it on Timo Boll ALC which has harder koto as outer ply.

Straight away, I'm blown away!
Result : the feeling is great. I dont have to change my grip or angle much. Can easily play with this setup. The best thing - the feeling of ball bounced back from topsheet which is more powerful.

Pros : great for counter far from table. During the first session of using this setup, it felt easy to counter topspin from back of the table. I won few points from this.

Serve is great. My opponent can't receive my hook serve, and during the match, I found out this serve works well on this setup. I was 2-0 down, but after I used this serve, I made a comeback and won the match with 3-2.

Open up during 3rd ball is easier.

Cons : haven't found yet.

Will continue testing it later and find out more about the rubber

But so far, I'll keep it!

# attached photos is my setup before I swapped both rubbers from one blade to another.

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Sep 2016
Do you talk about the "normal" Golden Tango or about the Golden Tango "PS" (Powersponge)?