My lovely Darker j pen

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Hey very cool! Have you actually tried these blades in training or game? Or do you only collect because they are so rare?

I would love to hear the perspective in comparing them to normal darker speed 90 or other popular Jpen blades (TSP Dynam, Cypress V/G-max and the RSM variants) in terms of quality and of course performance in game.

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says ESN / MXP FTW! Best thing since sliced bread!
says ESN / MXP FTW! Best thing since sliced bread!
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Mar 2021
Hi, that's my new vedio, I talk about two of the best Darker j pen in my collection. You can open subtitle in the setting, please subscribe my channel ,thanks.

Hello friend Dreamer21,

I am also a fan of one-ply hinoki blade but I am a shakehand player. I could not find a 10.5mm thick blade commercially and that is why I had one custom made to 10.5mm shakehand by a Taiwan OEM factory. I love playing with this monster thick blade and pairing it with one of the most trampolinish / fastest ESN rubber in the marker, i.e., Tibhar's Evolution MX-P, I am basically using a mini rocket powered set-up 🤣