Nagasaki Miyu (Japan)

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Feb 2019

Nagasaki Miyu (長﨑 美柚誠 Miyu Nagasaki, born June 15, 2002) is a Japanese table tennis player. She placed second at the World Championships as part of the Japan team in 2018. In 2019, she won both singles and doubles with Miyuu Kihara at the World Youth Championship. This makes her the first non-Chinese female athlete to achieve such success in the tournament's 17-year history. At the Asian Youth Championships, she also became the champion twice in 2019 in singles and doubles. Later that year, she also won the women's doubles gold medal at the World Tour Grand Final, also with Miyuu Kihara. In 2021, she became the winner of the 2021 Asian Championship as part of the Japanese team, and also became a bronze medalist in the women's doubles.Miyu is left-handed and uses the European grip style as her racquet pose. In September 2018, she achieved her best global rankings to date, ranking 34th in the ITTF World Rankings.

Biography and achievements of the Japanese women's team player at WTTTC-2022
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Jan 2016
Miyu is very cute so she's going to be a real star in Japan if she gets good results.

However the competition is very high within the JNT. Despite her outstanding results in Junior and Youth competitions, it looks like it will be very difficult to get in the Olympic team for example. ITO / HAYATA seem way above, and for the 3rd slot there's SATO, KIHARA, and many others about the same level, AND Miwa HARIMOTO is improving very very fast.