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I’m a french player and I started to build blades during the confinement for myself and others. I have a detailed post over at "Forum tennis-de-table.com" named "Fabrication de bois made in Marseille" but I will post some pictures here.

Now I’m stuying real estate to have a plan B.
Then I will study carpentry for 1 year and create a table tennis brand. I hope my dream will come true. I thought to make blade series like Osp, Artte... with an option to custom them.

7-ply: black limba/limba/alc/Kiri/alc/limba/black limba

1st 6-ply combi: black limba/limba/alc/ayous/limba/black limba

5-ply I thought that was an all+ but it’s more an off blade. black limba/limba/ayous/limba/black limba

2nd 6-ply: planchonello/limba/balsa/fiberglass/ayous/limba



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Here are the first blade I made and my current blade.

Black limba/okoumé/poplar/okoumé/black limba.
Similar to a Donic defplay. I’m not a defensive player but I had no other veneers.


My own blade: black limba/limba/ayous/limba/black limba. Similar to an Osp expert but quite lighter (75g).
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Now, I’m making 3 blades

1st (not finished): An off+ blade for an advanced player in France.
limba/alc/spruce/kiri/spruce/alc/limba-1500Hz - will weight 86/88g (he wanted around 85/90g) - center balanced

2nd: Changing the veneers and the handle of an Adélie for a combi player. So the composition is


I sand down the two plies and I replace them by padouk and palissandre. I’m finishing the handle.


3rd (almost done): A combi custom blade based on the Adélie: Limba/ayous/ayous/ayous/ayous/padouk/acajou
85g - Center balanced



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Before and after sealing the blade

For this blade I wanted to try the engraving on the handle but I’m not satisfied. I used the logo I prepared for the outer ply but with different dimensions but the result is not good. Instead, I will put a small plate at the end of the handle and an engraving on the outer ply
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I can do it but for other regions than Europe it will be not profitable for you. The shipping costs will be higher than the repair or changing handle. For other regions, I think it’s better to order a blade.

To change the handle it’s around 15/20€ and changing the veneers around 25€. So approximately 40/45€ + 25€ shipping costs (70€). Depending on the blade it will be difficult or impossible to make an other handle for example, you want to have a bigger handle it will be impossible.
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