NCTTA Upstate NY

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Hey everyone, I'm the divisional director for the Upstate NY division for NCTTA, National Collegiate Table Tennis Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting competitive table tennis at the collegiate level in the United States and Canada. . . (as noted from Wikipedia)

Here are some of my favorite videos from last year's season, hope you enjoy them!

My favorite match from last year had to be UB v SU 1st Singles Fall Divisional at Cornell Table Tennis Club:

(what a comeback.)

The parts I particulary liked were someone yelling "Holy Shit!!!" at 2:30 and UB being down 10-6 at 5:49 to take 6 points in a row winning deuce 10-12. Towards the end my recording on my cell lost some footage, but an SU student also set up a camera and recorded and you can really see the UB team is a tight-knit group cheering on their first singles in unison, I hope to see the same enthusiasm for this year's season :)

Honorable mentions in no particular order....:
(revenge match)
(a challenger has appeared)
(rock, paper, scissors)
(get to the choppa!!!)

5) The Cornell Team for winning the division from their 2nd place finish in the Fall and 1st place finish in the Spring. (ivy league snobs!!!)