Neck soreness after training.

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Oct 2019
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Quick disclaimer, I am under supervision and guideance of a physiotherapist.

After 3-4 COVIDS I have developed issues with my major chest muscles and neck soreness. For long time I could net release the neck muscles and
the occipital limb.

Other than that I could clearly notice that half of the training session my FH loop would stop working due to tension building up in the arm brace (cannot find correct translation to English).

Here are the exercises I got from the therapist.

The neck stretches therapist modified with touching the stretching muscles with open palm and emphasising breathing deeply.

The lest part might be modification he made due to my covids. I remember the major chest muscles pain in the last covid, probably due to heavy coughing.

If you have similar symptoms I think it might be worth to give those exercises a try. If you have similar issues I highly recommend going to a good physio.
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