Need contact info of bladesbycharlie

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May 2018
Hi, i got a custom request for fine woodwork artisans. I've bought from charlie before but lately he don't seem to check his email. Can someone give me his contact info?

My request:

(Charlie if you do wonder in this forum here's the message for you)

Hi Charlie,
We've met in Pleasanton before; I'm not sure if you do remember me. I'm going to get straight to it. I have a blade that I want to change the backhand outer ply to koto. You will have to ply out the current limba ply and glue a koto on it.

Will you be able to do it?

if so can you give me the following details

1. address for me to ship the blade to.
3. How much and form of payment (paypal email, zelle, venmo).
4. eta
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