Need help changing FH rubber please!!!!

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Jan 2020
Hi everyone,

I’m currently using Evolution MX-S on FH with Xiom Ignito ply. In my recent tournament I played very poorly with my forehand top spins going long most of the time.

A senior player recommended me to switch to a slower rubber, can anyone please suggest me one!

NOTE: I like to open with a slow loop and then do a finish or engage in topspin/counter rallies

I played very poorly and now I thinking of switching to Mark V or hurricane 3.
Any help you can provide is highly appreciated.
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Jul 2018
If you are set on changing equipment, swap out your blade. Ignito is very fast and one of those "high kick" blades. Ok for smashing, but most "loopers" prefer something a little more in the "hold" category.

Viscaria/Stradivarius is a step down. Korbel/Offensive Classic if you want to go back to basics.

Blade makes much more difference than rubbers.