Need help for my Gergely Alpha

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Aug 2013
Hey guys this is my first post in here and I hope you could give me some tips/guide with my never ending exploration of rubber for my Gergely Alpha.
I currently have Bluefire M2 as my forehand and it's okay because I love fast gameplay and it is the best alternative to T05 FOR ME but it is quite faster.
And now, my problem is my backhand rubber which is Calibra Tour M and it gives me a headache every time I play with it. Every time I backhand flick the ball always goes to the net and I'm totally pissed-off with it and I believe that this happens because of the throw-angle of it(medium-low) and I think that Calibra Tour isn't best suited for stiff blades. I love flicking to open up a game especially when the ball is going to my backhand and the ball's spin is spiral but when it comes to rally I just block and smash the ball. So, my plan is to have a Tenergy 64 with my backhand and my questions are, is this the answer to my problem? Does Tenergy 64 worth a try? Is this a perfect/great combination with my blade?
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Dec 2010
As I said LRJ , the bat is a monster , its too fast. Normally the way setups are chosen are with slower ( OFF - ) blade and faster rubbers. However, there is the other school of thought ( but rare ) where you choose fast blade and slower rubber with control . So you should go with the choices Der Echte suggested. However, IMO this kind of set up is not very good for looping , of course you can loop but you have to struggle a lot. I used to know a lady in my club who used this blade because somebody suggested that she was not very strong and should use powerful blades. The downside is inadvertently you become a mid distance blocker and smasher. Also , its difficult to serve short and spinny because the ball does not dwell on the blade that much.