Need help with my grip and playing style!

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Jan 2022
Hi everyone! This is my first post on the board, and I am desperately in need of some help with my game. I haven’t played since the pandemic started, our club has been s*** down. My goal is to get better. From around 1100 to 1200 (I did play some just the other day, and a seasoned player said this is where I am). Not very good with 30 years playing time I know. I’m definitely-taught, never really had any coaching to speak of. I currently play with a Sardius, Tenergy 64 on the front, and super anti on the other side. I started trying to play a Seemiller grip before we quit playing, but, it is an extreme forehand grip imo. I’ve always played with my thumb on the back of the rubber (gives me good balance/support) and my ready position is sideways (kind of resembled penhold). That is, the top of the blade is turned sideways when I face the opponent. I think switching to the Seemiller screwed my game up as I did a lot of blocking, but my serves were not nearly as good, and it was harder to hit my flat kill shot. I lift up on the blade and the head of my bat is upside down, and bam! It’s a weird shot, and my grip position looks like a thumbs down. Anyway, when I went to Seemiller grip, I pushed a lot more, blocked quickly, and would try to smash the ball occasionally. I can use snappy wrist movements to produce pretty spinny serves, mostly backhand spinny serves. My pusheS are extremely backspin heavy, but one problem with my pushing too much is that I get the ball too high. I really want to get to 1400 or 1500 by the end of 2022, but I don’t want to change my grip. Can anyone help me here? A new setup, strategy, etc. would all be welcomed. I thought about playing J-pen but I’m told that would set me back even longer. I also think Seemiller grip is out because I’m not great at twiddling, and playing with Anti, well, it has been a struggle. Never have practiced a lot, but I have been active for around 30 of 32 years playing weekly. Sorry for giving so much info, just trying to be accurate on the briefing and situation. Thank you all in advance. In the end, I simply want to get better. It’s kind of embarrassing to be playing for so long and not be better than what I am at the sport. A coach also told me it would it would take a year to get rid of my bad habits.