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Jul 2022
Hello everyone,

Around 2 years ago I wanted to start playing table tennis again after a long break. I had my first ever custom racket to play with but it hadn't been used for such long time that it lost its features such as tackiness. I used to enjoy the game because of the element of spin, especially the forehand-backhand loop rallies that are loaded with heavy spin made me fall in love with the game. I was able to create a lot of spin with my old racket but as I pointed out, the rubbers lost their tackiness. Even though I tried to get the tackiness back with rubber cleaner sprays, the spin was not the same.

The rubbers and the blade on the racket was as follows: DHS Skyline TG2 Neo (used on forehand), DHS Skyline TG3 Neo (used on backhand), and the blade was
Yinhe N10.

I wanted to get the same rubbers while keeping the old blade but when I peeled off the rubbers, the blade was damaged even though I peeled off gently. Thus I wanted to get a better quality blade that I can use for very long time. After some research I decided on XIOM Stradivarius blade and also I wanted to try DHS Hurricane 2 neo as my new rubber since in the reviews people find it more spinny and tackier (since the official balls are changed to plastic balls, the spin that can be produced was lower compared to before but I love the spinny style thus I decided to change the rubber too). However, I had a very hard time trying to adjust to my new racket. The throw angle was soo high that it was almost impossible for me to use my full power to generate the highest spin possible, because the ball was just going too far. Back then with my old racket, my motion while hitting the ball was very upward, using most of my force to create the spin while keeping the ball close to net. I also felt like the Stradivarius blade had almost no feeling, as I had no idea how much spin there was on the ball during close-to-net touch game. Overall it was very hard for me to judge how much spin there was on the ball during a rally.

Now after another long break, I wanna start playing table tennis again and I know that I won't enjoy the game with my current racket since I can't play those spinny rallies with this one. Thus I need help from you guys to decide on my new equipments. I will list my preferences as follows:

1) The blade should have a really good feeling since I noticed that I used to play with much more confidence knowing how much spin there is on the ball. Also the blade should have a long dwell time since I need some time before the ball goes off to generate some good quality spin. I prefer FL type handle and large blade surface for the rubbers.

2) I developed my playing style close to how chinese people play due to using tacky rubbers and mostly watching how they play, to learn the game. That's why I mostly play close to table, love countering the spin with forehand, and as rally progresses move back little bit for the forehand / backhand loops. I also love to generate lots of spin with my backhand too. That's why even though the trend was to use european medium hardness rubber on backhand, I was sticking with a tacky rubber on my backhand. I know the fact that european rubbers are also capable of generating lots of spin but I loved the extra grippyness that the tackiness provides. It almost feels like the ball holds on to the rubber for a second and then you can use your wrist to give it a ton of spin.

I would be so pleased to receive some help from you guys to find the equipments that will suit my playing style. There are soo many equipments out there yet such little hands on game play reviews (or maybe I can't find them). Thank you all in advance!
If Your hits are too long Your setup is too fast, try a softer rubber, and/or a slower blade. XIOM stradivarius is an off+ blade and out of You'r control right now. If You are willing to try You can put a Rakza 7 soft on that blade. This rubber will slow down an overly fast blade and also it will give You a lower trajectory. I don't know if its enough though.
Or You can get an all - all+ blade for now and in a Year or so return to the XIOM stradivarius..

When You are removing old rubbers, do it from side to side and NOT top to bottom.

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Sep 2022
Blade: Timo boll Alc
Fh: Rhyzer 50 pro Max
Bh: Rozena Max


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