New Blade technologies explained please?

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Nov 2022
So does anyone have any idea what these carbon variants actually are and how they are supposed to influence the blade itself?

We know ALC and ZLC , but what are these:

-Gewo and Joola using PBO and PBO -Power
-Andro using Synteliac
-Tibhar using Dyneema
-DHS using Kevlar
-Victas using Zexion and Fleece Carbon ?!
-Nittaku using PKC
-Xiom using TMX

If I did deeper I am sure I can find more.

I think the most important question is,which one is clsoer to ALC and which one to ZLC / ZLF, and to what margin?

Any TT equipment gurus and detectives are welcome to explain us what the words above even mean.

Thank you
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Apr 2014
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The andro fibres are called Zyreema and Voltema, the blades are called SYNTELIAC.

Otherwise, if you´ll do some research you´ll find that many of these fibres are quite similar, for example PBO is also marketed as Zylon as in your ZLC/ZLF example.

Aramid is a generic term for a class of fibres, including Arylate and Kevlar.

For Zexiom, yoll find this: "KB SEIREN, LTD. has developed “Zxion®”, a polyarylate fiber with superb tensile strength and elasticity, by using its original technology." Add an "e" and you have an Arylate that goes by a different Victas exclusive name?

The highlight in "new technologies" is the DONIC Waldner Gold Edition, their fibre is called "Etalyra-Carbon" - just read backwards, they couldn´t even be bothered to come up with a new name.

I am afraid it´s rather a bit smokes and mirrors than new innovations.



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Oct 2015
I think carbon fleece is the same stuff Nittaku puts in the Acoustic carbon. maybe also what yasaka calls soft carbon in the Ma Lin soft blades.